These brand identity standards will help the CWU community build a consistent visual image that reflects the institution’s mission, message, brand, and identity.

The CWU brand elements include, but are not limited to, the Central Washington University name, the CWU logo, and the CWU Wildcat. When using CWU brand elements, follow the guidelines outlined in this document.

Everyone who communicates on CWU’s behalf is responsible for complying with the CWU brand identity standards. This ensures clarity and consistency of CWU’s identity and voice in communicating with our audiences. Clarity and consistency play a large role in increasing understanding of and support for CWU’s mission and goals.

All CWU marketing and promotional materials need to go through a review and approval process by the Department of Public Affairs and/or its designees. CWU’s review and approval process helps ensure the university’s brand is maintained and consistent in materials that represent the university. See more information on the review and approval process.

Questions regarding the appropriate use of the CWU brand, logos, and marks should be directed to the Department of Public Affairs at or 509-963-1221.

What is a Brand?

A brand is perception. It is what audiences think when they hear or read a company’s name. It’s their gut feeling. It’s all current associations made with the company, including the good and the bad. Therefore, a brand is not always what the company says it is.

CWU’s brand is everything we do and say, everything we print and broadcast, every interaction with a prospective student, parent, community member, alumnus, lawmaker, and donor. Our brand is more than logos, colors, and typefaces. It’s feelings, memories, and expectations that come to mind when you hear Central Washington University. And we know there is a range of feelings. We also know there are strong consistencies. Central’s brand is a welcoming, diverse community that embraces everyone. It’s professors who know your name. It’s close-knit and nurturing. It’s about keeping promises.