Visual Identity

In the realm of CWU Branding, visual identity plays a significant role, and you are at the heart of its impact. As you explore the carefully curated logos, color schemes, and design elements, the unifying message, "You belong here," resonates in every pixel and curve. Whether you're crafting a presentation or representing the university at an event, the visual identity guidelines provide you with the resources needed to communicate the essence of CWU cohesively and elegantly. It's more than just aesthetics; it's about creating a sense of community and belonging that reaches out to every viewer, telling them they are part of something special. When you engage with CWU's visual identity, you're not just using a logo; you're embracing a story, a culture, and a belief that at CWU, "You belong here."

Logos and trademarks

The CWU logo and the CWU signature are the primary graphic components of CWU’s communications efforts. All university publications and materials, regardless of media, need to correctly display the CWU logo or CWU signature. They may appear in crimson, black, or white.

The CWU logos are trademarks and should carry the TM symbol. They are customized renderings and proprietary to CWU. Do not recreate them by redrawing, typesetting, or scanning. Do not alter, modify, reformat, distort, or rotate in any way. Backgrounds should provide sufficient contrast and not compromise the visibility of the logo.

CWU logo

The CWU logo is the primary logo.



Crimson: (vector) | JPG (web) | PNG (transparent)
Black: EPS (vector) | JPG (web) | PNG (transparent)
White: EPS (vector) | PNG (transparent)

CWU signature

The signature consists of the CWU logo and the CWU wordmark in a fixed relationship or lockup. The signature includes stacked and single-line lockups. Use the signature on materials meant for a broader audience where the full name of the institution will help identify CWU.

CWU Logo with 'Central Washington University' on the end.


Crimson: (vector) | JPG (web) | (transparent)
Black: (vector) | (web) | (transparent)
White: (vector) | (transparent)

Wildcat spirit mark

The Wildcat may be used as a spirit mark by university entities in a variety of applications. Always maintain the integrity of the mark and its proportions. Do not alter the mark.

CWU Wildcat


Full Color: EPS (vector) | JPG (web) | PNG (transparent)
Black: EPS (vector) | JPG (web) | PNG (transparent)
White: EPS (vector) | PNG (transparent)

CWU Athletics logo

The CWU Athletics logo is for the exclusive use of CWU Athletics. It is subject to the CWU brand identity standards and the CWU Athletics identity guidelines.

CWU Athletics logo

A branded house

CWU uses a branded house model in which colleges, departments, and programs leverage the CWU logo. Each department's brand equity is grounded in its affiliation with CWU. A strategic and intentional branded house gives us an opportunity to present a unified image to our audiences. To maintain a branded house and to protect CWU’s brand image, custom logos are not approved for use by university colleges, schools, departments, programs, units, offices, buildings, institutes, events, or initiatives.


Some university units operate under the auspices of, or in conjunction with, external entities such as the state and federal government, international accreditation organizations, or grants. These units may use the external entity’s logo in conjunction with the CWU logo.

Unit lockups

University sites, centers, colleges, departments, programs, and office names may be combined with the CWU logo to create a unit lockup. Use the same color and clear-space requirements that apply to the CWU logo. Unit lockups may not be used on CWU web pages, business stationery, or email signatures. Only one CWU logo may be used on a publication to represent a unit or multiple units of the university.

CWU logo with name lines

Trademark Licensing Program

The Trademark Licensing Program protects the name and trademarks of the university while enhancing the institution’s image in a resale situation. The Collegiate Licensing Company administers CWU’s licensing program, including processing applications, collecting royalties, and approving and enforcing proper trademark usage. To obtain a license to produce CWU merchandise, contact CLC.

Review process

Send questions about the CWU brand, messaging, logos, and trademarks to To help ensure the university’s brand is maintained in marketing and promotional items, email drafts, proofs, and mockups to prior to publishing, sending, or printing. Allow time for review and incorporating edits before your deadline.

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