Financial Aid

Whether you're looking to take out student loans, apply for scholarships, or tap into grants, the realm of financial aid offers a wide array of options to help you invest in your future.

Invest in Your Education

Research and understand the various financial aid offerings available at CWU to make informed decisions about funding your education.

Applying for Aid (FAFSA)

Apply for Financial Aid today! Invest in your future.

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Investing in your education is important. Check out different loan options.

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Grants, unlike loans, do not have to be repaid except in rare circumstances.

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Scholarships are an excellent resource for students seeking help with the cost of a college education.

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Work Study

Gain work experience and a regular paycheck through Work Study.

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Accepting Your Financial Aid Offers

How to view, accept, or decline awards given to you on MyCWU.

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About the Financial Aid Office

Resources to help you learn more about the Office of Financial Aid.

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Budget and Award Revisions

Changes to your budget and awards are permitted under certain circumstances. Learn more about appeals.

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Bienvenidos a La Oficina De Ayuda Financiera

Bienvenidos a La Oficina De Ayuda Financiera

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Important Dates 2023-2024

October 1: Scholarship Central application opens

January 1: FAFSA/WASFA opens

March 1:

  • FAFSA/WASFA priority due date
  • Deadline to submit the Scholarship Central application

May 1: 

  • Confirm admission to CWU to be considered for recruitment scholarships
  • Submit verification documents. Forms received late (after July 15) are not likely to be completed for an on-time fall financial aid payment

July 15: Income and other complex revision request priority deadline. Late requests will be reviewed in October

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