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As you prepare for your academic journey in theatre studies, the prospect of securing a scholarship can provide a significant financial boost, as well as a sense of recognition and encouragement. There is a wide array of scholarships available, some offered by your chosen institution, others by external organizations or foundations passionate about nurturing talent in the field. These scholarships could be based on various criteria, such as academic excellence, artistic potential, commitment to theatre, or financial need. You begin your search early, carefully reading the eligibility and application requirements for each opportunity. Crafting a compelling application becomes your next challenge, often requiring you to write an essay, provide a portfolio, or even perform an audition.

It's essential to highlight your passion for theatre, your achievements so far, and your potential to contribute to the field in the future. Securing a scholarship is not just about easing the financial burden of your education; it's also an acknowledgement of your talent and dedication, reinforcing your commitment to pursue theatre studies.

Scholarships and Program Admission Auditions/Interviews

The Theatre Arts Department is pleased to offer a variety of annual scholarship opportunities. Click on the links below for more information and application procedures:

Dr. Betty Evans Shakespeare Scholarship

The Betty Evans Shakespeare Scholarship was established by the Dr. Betty Evans Estate to honor the memory of this former professor of Central Washington University's Department of Theatre Arts.

Up to $35,000 (Thirty-five thousand dollars) can be granted for the academic year is available to fund a worthy project of one year's residency as described below. (If no project is selected the competition will be renewed the following year.)

See the Dr. Betty Evans Shakespeare Scholarship page.

A. James Hawkins Children's Theatre Scholarship

The James Hawkins scholarship is allowed to a student who has demonstrated interest in the area of theatre history.

Find out more on the A. James Hawkins Children's Theatre Scholarship page.

David L. Boushey Scholarship

To be granted the Student must be enrolled full-time at CWU and have declared a major in Theatre Arts or be an incoming student, with a strongly documented interest in theatre and intending to pursue a theatre major.

They must exhibit proficiency, talent, and commitment to theatre through the areas of acting, directing and movement based on faculty recommendation.

Find out more on the David L. Boushey Scholarship page.

Paulette Bond Memorial Costume Scholarship

The Paulette Bond Memorial scholarship is given to a student who has demonstrated skills and interest in the development of quality technical theatre in areas of costume design, technology or makeup.

Find out more on the Paulette Bond Memorial Costume Scholarship.

Talent Awards

Visit our Talent Awards page.

($25k toward in-state tuition waivers and four $1000 cash awards are anticipated for 2017-18)
  • Freshmen and Transfer Housing Awards 
    (15 - $1000 awards anticipated for 2017-18)
  • Dean's Waivers 
    ($10k toward two-year in-state tuition waivers are anticipated for 2017-18)

See Also

External Scholarships

These scholarships are not distributed by the Theater Department. Please see the website for deadlines, requirements, and eligibility.

C. Farrell Fine Arts and Research Scholarship

This scholarship is available to Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students at Central Washington University who are pursuing a fine arts project in Art, Music, Theatre, or Creative Writing, or who are pursuing a research project pertaining to the History, Geology, Archaeology of Kittitas Valley. This scholarship provides one year of in-state tuition, $200 book allowance, and project costs. Please see their website for more information.

Other Programs of Interest

Western Undergraduate Exchange Program (WUE) allows students from qualifying states to enroll at Central at a reduced tuition rate. The WUE award waives all but 150% of in-state resident tuition rather than the regualr out-of-state- rates. Participating states include: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, (Washington), and Wyoming.

The William O. Douglas Honors College offers tuition awards to qualified students enrolled in the DHC program.

The Douglas Honors College is an academic program within Central Washington University that provides an enriched academic environment for exceptional students through an interdisciplinary general education program and an upper-division scholarship experience.

Incoming freshman and current CWU students are eligible for admission to the Douglas Honors College. There are additional DHC scholarships available each year to students active in the DHC program.

For more information on scholarship opportunities contact CWU Scholarship Central for application procedures and guidelines regarding these scholarships:

  • Freshmen/Incoming Transfers
  • Merit Tuition Awards
  • Need-Based
  • Outside Scholarships

There are also several exciting CWU scholarship opportunities available outside of the Department, including the Farrell Scholarship, which will fund creative projects, and associated tuition and books for up to three quarters.

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