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CWU’s STEM Teaching program prepares you to competently and confidently begin a teaching career and positively impact students’ lives.

About Teach STEM

Our program is a collaboration between science, mathematics and education, providing you with coursework and field experience to prepare you to teach middle or high school STEM. You will immediately apply what you learn by practicing in real classrooms throughout the program.

About the Teach STEM Program

About the Teach STEM Program

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Graduate Program

About the M.Ed. STEM Leadership Specialization

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STEM Leadership Apply

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Financing your Education

Scholarship and funding opportunities for Teach STEM students

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STEM Ed Courses

Anticipated STEM Ed Courses

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Des Moines Program

About Middle Level Teach STEM Des Moines, WA

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Academic Advising

Academic advising for the Teach STEM program

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STEM Leadership Contact Us

STEM Leadership Contact Us

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Why join Teach STEM at CWU?

Central is a community of teachers. The foundation of the CWU community was built on teaching, which makes us the perfect place for any student interested in becoming an educator. Science and mathematics teachers are critically needed state and nationwide. Over 90% of STEM teaching graduates find employment immediately.

Teach STEM

Step forward as a role model to your students and support the future of STEM.


For general university admissions information, contact the CWU Office of Admissions. For advising information, contact the Academic Advising Center.

Are you a graduate student? Contact the School of Graduate Studies and Research for admissions information.


Our Success

The Teach STEM program publishes a periodic Newsletter to update the CWU community on their current students, alumni, and faculty.

Supporting you

Fields of STEM are highly desired in the job market today. There are so many scholarships available to students who choose to pursue a degree in STEM. Check out our Department Scholarships

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Teach STEM

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Teach STEM
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