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The Central Washington University College in the High School (CiHS) program allows high school students to take CWU courses from approved high school instructors without leaving their high school campus. Students grades 9-12 are able to participate in the program. See map of CiHS partner school locations

  • Students can accelerate their academic studies by earning college credit while attending high school without giving up their high school experience.
  • Students have the opportunity to experience college level work in a familiar environment.
  • Completing rigorous high school coursework and earning college credit can strengthen the student’s college application as well as help meet basic college and university requirements.
  • Students applying to CWU prior to high school graduation will be given the $500 Early Scholar Tuition Waiver, provided they have earned a 3.00 cumulative GPA or higher in their CWU courses.
  • The undergraduate CWU application fee will be waived for students who participated in the CWU CiHS program.
  • Accessibility: 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders can register and earn univeristy credit at no cost to the students at public schools.
  • Students can earn up to 15 Central Washington University credits per term in high schools where sufficient classes are offered. Find out what courses are offered through College in the High School.
CWU College in the High School, by the numbers (2022-23 academic year):

7,799 students across the state submitted
13,772 registrations (total), for college credits earned concurrently with their high school credits.

395 approved CWU instructors at
144 high schools around the state taught
64 unique courses of study.
$1374 is the cost of a 5 credit class for a student on campus, including fees.

College in the High School Participation Guides

Collaboration between high school teachers, district administrators and students and their parents/guardians is coordinated with Central Washington University faculty and diverse state/national agencies by the College in the High School office at CWU.

The Participation Guides are for the CiHS program participants, and provide details regarding processes, expectations, responsibilities and printable forms, sorted by the most likely consumer.

School Administrators, Counselors, Instructors, and Students & Parents are invited to peruse comprehensive material included in the Parcipation Guides for Administrators, Counselors, Instructors and Students & Families, and contact us with any questions.

Additional information and resources are available through CWU.

In partnership with CWU Faculty, Staff and Administration

Central collaborates with high schools to offer rigorous classes taught by approved instructors, set expectations, provide student progress and evaluation structure, administer registrations, financials, grades and credits, and renders support and opportunity to all students.

CWU College in the High School News

National Accreditation Achieved
NACEP Accredited Program logo

Central Washington University’s College in the High School (CiHS) program achieved national accreditation from the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) in spring 2022 after a multi-year process. Read full story.

Governed by state and national regulations

CWU College in the High School is a comprehensive, consistent and sound provider of university education within the high schools of Washington State because this program adheres to rules, codes, policies and accreditation requirements from state and national entities. Learn more about the state and national influences on College in the High School.

Learn more about High School Partnerships, program comparison (Running Start, CiHS, AP), mission and vision.

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