As you consider your academic path, understand that a major in sociology offers a versatile foundation to understand complex social structures and dynamics. It's a field that encourages you to question, analyze and solve society's most pressing issues. You might want to pair your sociology major with a minor in ethnic studies - this combination broadens your understanding of race, ethnicity, and the intersectionality of various social categories, equipping you with the knowledge to work in diverse environments. If your interests lie in addressing social inequities, a major or minor in social services could also be beneficial. This provides a professional orientation towards helping individuals, families, and communities, giving you the skills needed for careers in social work, counseling, and community development. The blend of sociology, social services, and ethnic studies allows you to view societal issues through multiple lenses, making you a holistic problem solver, one who is mindful of cultural sensitivities, and capable of serving diverse communities effectively.

Courses and Programs:

Majors/Minors - Ellensburg, Distance Education, & Online CWU Campuses: All majors and minors are available on the Ellensburg campus.

Online offerings: Sociology BA 64-credit major, Sociology BA 47-credit major, Social Services BS 68-credit major, sociology 25-credit minor, and social services 30-credit minor.

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Catalog Use information:

The Online Electronic Catalog (OEC) is the university's official compilation for all curriculum. The OEC serves as the basis for major, minor, specialization, certificate, and program requirements for the academic year. For current policy and curriculum requirements refer to the CWU online catalog. You may choose the catalog that is appropriate for your program requirements, based on the quarter that you were accepted into your program. Some students may be using more than one catalog to meet general education and major requirements.

A student should expect to meet the specific requirements of the departments listed in the OEC that is current at the time he or she is accepted by the department into the major or minor program. Graduate students admitted to the master's degree program may use the catalog they are admitted under or the current one. A student should expect to complete general education requirements as listed in the OEC current at the time of first enrollment at either Central or a community college in the state of Washington provided he or she transfers directly to CWU from the community college and has not attended another four-year institution.

Transfer Students

What courses do you need when transferring to CWU?
The CWU sociology department can work with students having all levels of preparation.  With appropriate preparation, students can (and have) complete the Bachelor of Sciences Social Services Degree or a Bachelor of  Arts sociology degree programs within two years (for more information about our degree programs, please click on the Degree Programs below.

Generally, with the exception of the Introduction to Sociology or Social Problems courses, 100 and 200 level courses do not transfer. Students can and have completed the BA in Sociology or the BS in Social Services in two years.

Thinking about transferring to CWU? More detailed resources are available for prospective students on the following topics:

Honors in Sociology and Social Services
1. The sociology department’s honors program is designed for students who wish to explore a particular research problem in depth.
2. Admission to the program
     The student must:

      (a)  Have a 3.50 or higher cumulative GPA in sociology courses
      (b)  Be at least a junior
      (c)  Have a faculty member sponsorship; the faculty member would submit student’s name to the department for admission
3. Requirements

     The student is required to:
      (a)  Maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA in sociology coursework (including any approved outside electives) applied to the sociology degree
      (b)  Enroll in SOC 495 beginning fall quarter of the senior year (minimum of 10 credits over the course of that year)
      (c)  Complete a research project under the supervision of a faculty
      (d)  Participate in a public presentation of the research project (such as SOURCE, a professional conference, or other departmental-approved venues)

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