Transfer Student Guide

Thank you for your interest in transferring to CWU’s bachelor’s degree program in Political Science. General information for students transferring to CWU is available on the web, at Transfer Admission Criteria.


An undergraduate student at CWU has two options for completing a major in political science. The 47-credit major requires a student to also complete a minor or a second major in some other subject. The 62-credit major leads to a bachelor’s degree without a minor or second major. A list of political science advisors is available on the web page at Political Science Advisors List . Please contact an advisor who can discuss your academic and career goals with you and help you choose the appropriate major. The course requirements for the major and minor are in the CWU catalog and posted on the web. Follow the links beginning at the Registrar Catalog. The major and minor application forms are available at the Major/Minor Application Page

General advice for transfer students interested in getting a political science major or minor from CWU:

  1. If you are a community college student in Washington State working toward an AA degree, it’s important to complete the AA degree before transferring. This is good advice for all majors, not just political science. Your AA degree will exempt you from taking any CWU general education requirements. If you are a community college student outside Washington, a Washington state community college student without an AA degree, or if you are attending a four-year institution, your past college courses will each be compared to our general education requirements and you may be required to take additional courses to complete our general education requirements.
  2. We usually advise community college students to take only an introductory political science and/or an American Politics course. Additional electives for political science courses are permitted. It is a good idea to keep all of your syllabi from these previous courses so we can evaluate them if necessary.
  3. Please note: Completing these courses does not guarantee admission to Central Washington University or the degree program.


Recommended courses for political science majors to take prior to transferring to CWU:

Take one or both of the following core Political Science courses:

POSC 101 Introduction to Political Science 5 CR
POSC 210 American Politics 5 CR


Take no more than two lower division political science electives, i.e., excluding Political Science 260 Comparative Politics and Political Science 270 International Politics or their equivalencies.

Student must receive a C- or better in order for these political science courses to count towards their major or minor.
We recommend the following courses which will count towards your 180 total credits to graduate:

ECON 202 Principles of Economics Macro 

5 CR
ENG 101 Composition I: Critical Reading and Responding  5 CR


ENG 102 Composition II: Reasoning and Research

5 CR


GEOG 101 World Regional Geography       5 CR


HIST 102 World Civilization: 1500-1815     5 CR


HIST 103 World Civilization since 1815

5 CR


HIST 143 United States History to 1865 5 CR


HIST 144 United States History since 1865 5 CR


NOTE: The course equivalencies for your community college can be found at transfer equivalencies.


Recommended courses for first quarter at CWU:

Take any lower division core course(s) (POSC 101, POSC 210, POSC 260, POSC 270) that you have not already taken at community college.

Take any one 300 level political science elective.

Come in to the Political Science Department office in Farrell Hall 409 and declare your Major prior to the end of your first quarter.

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