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Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Law and Justice. We offer both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science degree in Law and Justice, allowing new students planning their careers as well as people already in legal and criminal justice related professions who return to school an opportunity to get their degree for career advancement.

The Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice degree (available as a major or minor) prepares students for professional employment in the criminal justice and legal systems and for entry into graduate or law school. The law and justice BA is offered on campus in Ellensburg, as well as at two of our university centers: Des Moines and Lynnwood. We also offer our BA as a dedicated online-only program for students unable to attend one of our physical campuses.

The Master of Science in Law and Justice degree is currently available at our Ellensburg campus. This program offers two specializations: Basic, for those wishing to start law and justice careers, and Advanced Professional, aimed at those already in law and justice careers who want to do hands-on research. Please see the MSLAJ website for more information on this degree program.

Through our curriculum, students gain a background in the history and philosophy of the legal and criminal justice systems while exploring current trends in law and society, with an emphasis on race, ethnicity, culture, and gender. We stress critical thinking and analysis of legal issues in our curriculum, as well as an exploration of the ethical implications of criminal justice professions and research.

The law and justice faculty are strong academics who also have practical experience in the law and criminal justice professions, which they share in the classroom and through advising. The faculty are active researchers, as well as being involved in community service at the local and state level. There is opportunity for students to collaborate with faculty in their scholarly endeavors, a cornerstone of a CWU education.

Careers in law and justice are primarily helping professions, so an overreaching goal of the Law and Justice Program is to prepare students to respect the rights of individuals in their professional roles. Internships provide students with an important opportunity to explore career options and gain practical experience.

Those in the law and justice fields play an important role in protecting our safety and security and assuring protection of our rights. Thank you for visiting our website. Please take a moment to explore our programs and the wide array of career options for those with a law and justice degree.

Updated Annual Report

The Department of Law & Justice has released their updated annual report for 2017-2018 in addition to their 2016-17 report:

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