Law and Justice

Departmental Objective

Recognizing that the role of Law and Justice is constantly evolving in a dynamic society, our department's mission is to provide our students with a broad background in the history, philosophy and current trends in law and society while emphasizing the importance of diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, sexual orientation and gender issues. The primary direction of the mission of the Department of Law and Justice is to ensure that our graduates have the analytical ability, orientation, skill, and knowledge for careers in law and justice, and to prepare them to continue their education in graduate or law school. Considering careers in law and justice as primarily helping professions, we wish to provide qualified personnel for the betterment of society, as well as appropriate direction and operation of our law and justice policies, agencies, programs and officers. Secondary mission directions include the generation of knowledge in the law and justice field for teaching and policy implications, as well as service to law and justice agencies, programs, and officers of the community and the state.

We are one of the largest departments at CWU, with programs throughout western and central Washington. In addition to our main Ellensburg campus, we have branch campuses offering LAJ degrees in Lynnwood, Des Moines, Pierce County, and Yakima, serving hundreds of Law and Justice Students.

Not only is Law and Justice a fully academic department, emphasizing learning and knowledge above all, but it also serves as a springboard for a number of different careers within the law and justice fields.

Law and Justice Graduates go on to serve as law enforcement officers and corrections officers in Washington and throughout the nation. Likewise, many graduates go on to law school or graduate work and careers as paralegals. A degree in Law and Justice means not only learning, but also academic and career competence.

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