Mariachi Heritage Certificate

The Mariachi Heritage Certificate offers musical support to students interested in Mariachi performance, but whom are not necessarily music majors. The certificate accommodates students with a flexible variety of majors and interests. In addition, the certificate supports Music Education students, now that Mariachi is part of Washington state high school music competitions.

The certificate supports students by offering an academic endorsement for the hard work and creativity they have already invested in their skills. It also provides a pathway to courses that will allow them to expand their Mariachi knowledge in the areas of musical performance, education, cultural contexts of Mariachi, and Mariachi as a business.

How to Apply for the Mariachi Heritage Certificate

If you would like to work toward the certificate, please contact the LLAS program director Dra. Christina Torres García at with a brief e-mail describing your interest.

Mariachi Heritage Certificate Requirements

The CWU Mariachi Heritage Certificate explores four areas related to Mariachi: performance, education, cultural context, and the business of Mariachi performance.

Mariachi Heritage Core Courses (6 credits required)

Students must complete one credit hour of:

  • MUS 217 Chamber Music Ensemble (1)
  • MUS 417 Chamber Music Ensemble (1)

Students must complete 5 credits from one of the following options:

  • LLAS 388 Mexican Cultural Studies (5)
  • LLAS 496 or 498 Individual Study (1-6)
  • A 496 or 498 course offered by CLLAS Program Faculty with a demonstrable link to the goals of the certificate. Requires approval of the CLLAS director.
  • Up to five credits of travel-study experience (domestic or abroad). This can be any faculty-led or CWU-recognized exchange program with a specific focus on Mariachi or the cultural contexts of Mariachi. Examples include international or domestic Mariachi festivals when accompanied by a CWU faculty member.

Optional Courses (10 credits required)

Students must complete two different courses from the following:

  • ANTH 130 Cultural Worlds (5)
  • ANTH 359 Survey of Music in Cross-Cultural Perspectives (2)
  • COM 312 Introduction to Non-Profit Leadership (4)
  • COM 371 Event Planning and Management (4)
  • GEOG 368 Geography of Middle America (4)
  • HIST 488 Mexico in the Modern Era (5)
  • MUS 105 Introduction to World Music (4)
  • POSC 343 The Politics of the U.S. Mexico Border (5)
  • SPAN 385 Spanish Phonetics (5)
  • MKT 360 Principles of Marketing for non-majors (5) OR MKT 362 Essential Marketing Concepts for majors (5)

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