Certificate in Latin American Business

The Certificate in Latin American Business prepares students for working within an emerging economy oriented toward Latin America. It combines an overview of the nuances of the regional economy with an introduction to Latin American's cultural and historical development. Topics will include an introduction to Latin American culture and philosophy, corporate-government relations, Twentieth Century history, regional development, and business strategies. It can be supplemented with Study Abroad opportunities and language study.

How to Apply for the Certificate in Latin American Business

If you would like to work toward the certificate, please contact the LLAS program director Dra. Christina Torres García at christina.garcia@cwu.edu with a brief e-mail describing your interest.

Requirements for the Certificate in Latin American Business

There are two tracks: one for College of Business majors and one for non-business majors.

Required Courses

Everyone must take three required courses:

  • LAS 102 - Introduction to Latin American Studies
  • COM 471- Corporate Communication in Latin America (No prerequisites required for the Latin American Business Certificate)
  • One of the following ECON courses
    • ECON 101 - Economics Issues
    • ECON 102 - World Economic Issues
    • ECON 201 - Principles of Economics Micro

Elective courses for Business majors

Choose two (2) of the following courses:

  • HIST 328 -Modern Latin America
  • HIST 321 - Latin American History through Film, Art, Music
  • SPAN 310 - Hispanic Civilizations and Cultures
  • GEOG 368 - Geography of Middle America
  • GEOG 370 - Geography of South America

Elective courses for non-Business majors

Choose two (2) of the following courses:

  • MGT 380 - Organizational Management
  • MKT 360 - Principles of Marketing
  • HRM 381 - Management of Human Resources

TOTAL= 23-24 credits

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