Why Study History at CWU?

Why Study History?

History helps us understand the past and how it has shaped the present. It provides a framework for understanding the origins of current social, political, cultural, and economic systems and how they have evolved over time. It provides us with an understanding of different cultures, values, and perspectives, and helps us develop a more nuanced view of the world. Our faculty have expertise in history across the globe, from Medieval Europe to the US-Mexico Borderlands. You will find part of the world to connect with through history.

Historians are thinkers, teachers, writers, analysts, and workers. We are looking for people who want to see past their first job.

The history department offers degrees that are not just pieces of paper, but instead represent the mastery of knowledge, skills, and qualities that create better citizens, strong writers, thoughtful and able analysts, excellent teachers, and outstanding employees.

Our degree path offers flexibility, rather than restricting people to predetermined career paths. A history degree prepares students to engage with the wider world from a more informed perspective; to understand the intersection of local, regional, national, and global factors; and to communicate ideas in a clear and meaningful way. We prioritize flexibility, international perspectives, diversity, and rigor.

A history degree focuses on achievement, not convenience.

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