Elementary Practicum

Fall 2024 Elementary Education Applications are currently closed.  Winter 2025 applications will open August 15, 2024. If you need to appeal, here is the link

You make your first connections with the Office of Field Experiences, filled with excitement about the classroom experience that lie before you. Here, the fusion of theory and practice is no longer an abstract concept; it becomes your path to success. The staff guides you through a myriad of options that blend classroom education with real-world application. You find opportunities tailored to your major and interests. You realize that these programs aren't mere supplements to your education; they are integral parts, designed to sharpen your skills, deepen your understanding, and prepare you for the challenges of your future career. The Office of Field Experiences becomes your bridge between academics and the real world, a place where your unique teaching journey takes shape.

Elementary Practicums

Elementary Practicum Application Deadlines

  • Fall: April 1st
  • Winter: October 1st
  • Spring: January 1st

Application Checklist

  1. Review our placement processes and policy carefully. Failure to adhere to our policies may put your placement in jeopardy.
  2. Work with your instructor and review the information below to identify which courses you need to take - and what quarters you need to take them.
  3. Choose your placement preferences.
  4. Prepare your resume for submission with your application using this template preferred by K-12 principals.
  5. Submit your application.

Lab and Practicum Progression

The Office of Field Experiences partners with the Education, Development, Teaching and Learning Department to manage placements for lab and practicum courses. We have created a multi-quarter placement progression that allows teacher candidates to be mentored by a variety of teachers throughout their education experience.

Most Elementary Education students will apply for three total placements over the course of their degree. If you relocate to a new location during your program, you will need to submit a new placement request with a note to cancel your previous request. If you are unsure when to apply for a placement, please contact us at placements@cwu.edu. Although your instructors will be asked to remind you to complete placement applications, you are responsible for requesting placements.

  • Lab I: Intro to the Teaching Profession (ELEM 292) - Placement is arranged by instructor. You do not need to apply for placement in this course.
  • Lab II: Culture and Society (ELEM 392) - Placement is arranged by instructor. You do not need to apply for placement in this course.
  • Practicum I: Instructional Design (ELEM 341) - Placement is arranged by instructor. You do not need to apply for placement in this course.
  • Practicum III: Differentiation (ELEF 493) - No placement will be arranged for this course.
  • Practicum III: Inquiry-Based Learning (ELEM 494) - Apply above
  • Practicum IV: Professional Engagement (ELEF 495) - Apply above
  • Student Teaching (EFC 480) - Apply for Student Teaching

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