Environmental Studies

Our Mission

The Environmental Studies (ENST) Program develops and delivers instruction and scholarship in environmental studies / science using an interdisciplinary approach to increase environmental literacy and to provide students with the professional and technical skills for successful environmental careers.


Our mission is supported by the following goals:


  • To advance basic environmental literacy among students to facilitate understanding of the nature, scope, and complexities of present and impending environmental problems.
  • To prepare specialists to serve as a resource to the region with expertise in environmental management,consulting, education, policy, and leadership.
  • To expand the university's role in providing environmental expertise and education to the region.

Learning Outcomes

The Environmental Studies Program has the following learning outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate interdisciplinary and disciplinary knowledge of current environmental issues.
  • Evaluate environmental problems from diverse stakeholder perspectives to develop sustainable solutions.
  • Collect, synthesize, and critically evaluate data.
  • Use effective oral and written communication to explain and summarize current environmental issues.

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