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Env. Studies Program Director

Dr. Clay Arango
Science Building, Room 236A

Environmental Studies Program, MS 7537
Central Washington University
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926

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Environmental Studies Program Academic Advisor

Eva Whitsett
Office:  Samuelson, 202G

Eva is the general academic advisor for Environmental Studies majors.  The best way to contact her for an appointment is to email Eva at 

Additional Environmental Studies general advising support:
Dr. Clay Arango, Environmental Studies Program Director


Program Specializations & Associated Faculty Advisors


B.S., Environmental Sciences, Anthropology
Environmental Anthropology is the study of cultural-environmental relations. The specialization equips students to recognize, document and understand local perspectives and dynamics on nature, as a baseline to generate conservation initiatives that are socially sustainable.

Environmental Anthropology Advising Worksheet

Environmental Anthropology Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Lori Sheeran
Dean Hall, Room 335
(509) 963-1434


B.S., Environmental Sciences, Biology
Environmental Biology is the study of human impacts and environmental change on organisms and ecosystems. This specialization equips students with the knowledge and skills to monitor environmental conditions and assess the ecological impacts of human activities on natural systems.

Environmental Biology Advising Worksheet

Environmental Biology Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Clay Arango
Science Building, Room 236A
(509) 963-3163

Dr. Kris Ernest
Science Building, Room 236E
(509) 963-2805

NOTE: Dr. Ernest is on sabbatical during the 2023-2024 academic year. If you need assistance, please contact Dr. Arango.


B.S., Environmental Sciences, Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry focuses on the study of how chemicals affect the environment. This specialization equips students with the knowledge and skills to effectively analyze and treat chemical contaminants in the environment.

Environmental Chemistry Advising Worksheet

Environmental Chemistry Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Carey Gazis
Discovery Hall Room 332
(509) 963-2820


B.S., Environmental Sciences, Geography
Environmental Geography focuses on the interactions between human societies and the natural environment. This specialization equips students with the knowledge and skills to pursue careers in geospatial analysis, environmental planning, resource management, ecosystem protection and sustainable development.

Environmental Geography Advising Worksheet

Environmental Geography Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Bob Hickey
Dean Hall, Room 234
(509) 963-2178

Dr. Jennifer Lipton
Dean Hall, Room 308
(509) 963-1164

Dr. Megan Walsh
Dean Hall, Room 308
(509) 963-3699


B.S., Environmental Sciences, Geology
Environmental Geology focuses on the study of the geologic environment and how it relates to human interactions. This specialization equips students with the knowledge and skills to effectively protect and restore water resources and assess geologic hazards.

Environmental Geology Advising Worksheet

Environmental Geology Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Carey Gazis
Discovery Hall, Room 332
(509) 963-2820

Dr. Lisa Ely
Discovery Hall, Room 335
(509) 963-2177


B.S., Environmental Sciences, Policy
Environmental Sciences Policy is the study of economics, politics, and laws governing environmental actions and management. This specialization prepares students with the knowledge and skills to effectively pursue careers in environmental management.

Environmental Policy Advising Worksheet

Environmental Policy Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Michael Pease
Dean Hall, Room 303
(509) 963-1130


Environmental Studies Minor And Sustainability Minor

The Environmental Studies Minor is designed to serve undergraduate education and environmental literacy, with an emphasis on research and community service. All required ENST courses for the minor are offered online each year.

ENST Minor Advisor:
Dr. Clay Arango

ENST Minor Advising Worksheet


Sustainability Certificate/Minor
CWU’s Sustainability Certificate offers students from any academic path an opportunity to develop experiential, service-learning projects that focus on improving sustainability needs of the university or a community partner. You will learn fundamental concepts related to sustainability in environmental, economic, and social issues while earning practical technical skills about developing and managing a project to improve organizational effectiveness. The Sustainability Certificate prepares you for entry into public or private sector jobs related to organizational or environmental sustainability.

Sustainability Certificate Application
Please email completed applications to

Sustainability Certificate/Minor Advising Worksheet

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