Full-time Faculty

Hope Amason (PhD, cultural anthropology) Director of Museum of Culture & Environment. On sabbatical 2024-2025. Political economy and globalization, politics of representation, race, class, and gender, museums, memorials, and heritage sites, tourism studies, Appalachia, US South;

Steven Hackenberger (PhD, archaeology) Cultural ecology, cultural resource management, North America, Meso-America and Caribbean cultures;

Nicole Jastremski (PhD, biological anthropology) Forensics Certificate Program Coordinator. Forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology, mortuary analysis, paleopathology, taphonomy, identity formation, Ecuador;

Patrick Lubinski (PhD, archaeology) Department Chair. Zooarchaeology, methods, cultural resource management, western North America;

Jessica Mayhew (PhD, biological anthropology) Primate social behavior and socio-cognition, ethnoprimatology, the large-bodied apes, play behavior;

Patrick McCutcheon (PhD, archaeology) Evolutionary theoretical perspectives, fieldwork and laboratory methods, archaeometry, lithic analysis, cultural resource management, North American prehistory;

Lene Pedersen (PhD, cultural anthropology) Visual anthropology, symbolic anthropology, ecological anthropology, ritual, social organization, post-colonialism, southeast Asia (Indonesia), circumpolar north, sub-saharan Africa, natural resource management;

Lori Sheeran (PhD, biological anthropology) Primates of Asia, primate conservation, primate social behavior;

Karisa Terry (PhD, archaeology) Paleolithic adaptations, hunter-gatherer-fishers, migration, evolutionary archaeology, chipped stone, ceramics, Northeast Asia;

Penglin Wang (PhD, linguistic anthropology) Linguistics, cognitive anthropology, cultural anthropology, Asian studies, Central Eurasia, China;

Staff and Part-time Faculty

Penelope Anderson (BA, Secretary Senior)

Lynn Bethke (MA, Museum of Culture & Environment Collections Manager) Museum collections care, object preservation, museum technology, museum administration, exhibit design;

Lourdes Henebry-DeLeon (MA, NAGPRA Director) Repatriation, indigenizing bioarcheology/human remains documentation, restorative methodologies, histories of collecting and collectors, intangible cultural heritage, North America;

Angela Neller (MA, Lecturer, Research Associate) Museums, repatriation, rights of indigenous peoples, curation, community collaboration, indigeneity and decolonization, cultural resource management; Columbia Plateau, Hawaii

Rodrigo Rentería-Valencia (PhD, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies)  Environmental anthropology, linguistic anthropology, semiotics, visual anthropology, ritual and performance theory, human geography, maritime anthropology, indigenous studies, the greater Southwest (including northern Mexico);

Emeritus Faculty

Kathleen Barlow (PhD, cultural anthropology)

Linda Klug (PhD, linguistic anthropology)

William Smith (PhD, archaeology)

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