Multimodal Education Center

The Multimodal Education Center (MEC) embraces the vision that Technology Empowers Learning. Our goal is to create opportunities for exploration of emerging technologies and digital media by providing training workshops, innovative learning spaces and updated technology.

About Us

About the different methods of multimodal education and resources that we offer at Central Washington University.

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Services and Rentals

See what equipment we have available for checkout in the Samuelson Hall Lobby.

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Workshops, Tutorials, and Help

Find zoom links to different free workshops offered to CWU Students.

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The MEC does not loan out any equipment for long-term use. All loans are for 7 days only and must be returned to the Checkout area when due to be loaned out to other patrons. If you need a personal computing device longer than 7 days, we recommend you check out the Office of Surplus and Asset Management. Approximately EVERY MONTH, during PUBLIC SALE DATES, they usually have many PC desktops for around $35 and iMacs for around $100. They also often have mice and keyboards for very cheap. Visit their website for details on when the next public sale will be.

*Please Note: Our services are reserved for the CWU-affiliated community and, unfortunately, cannot take orders from the general public. If you are not affiliated with CWU, we highly recommend looking at Yakima's Maker Space for similar services. They are awesome!

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