Meeting Minutes - May 28, 2003

2002–2003 REPORT

Prepared for the CWU Faculty Senate
October, 2003

Faculty Senate General Education Committee Members, 2002–2003:
Joan Amby, Family and Consumer Sciences
Peter Barbee, Student Representative
Bobby Cummings, English
Carey Gazis, Geology
Dan Herman, History
Chris Kent, Geography
Mike Ruble, Accounting
Steve Verhey, Biology (Chair)
Hong Xiao, Sociology

Ex officio and non–voting members
Linda Beath, Senior Vice President for Undergraduate Affairs
Sheryl Grunden, Registar´s Office

The General Education Committee (GEC) typically met at 2:30 on alternate Fridays; for the last few weeks of the school year we met weekly. As such, we meet 14 times this past academic year. Our meetings typically lasted 1.5–2.5 hours. Minutes of all meetings are available on the Faculty Senate website. The committee also met several times informally over the summer, to plan the general education faculty workshop.

In addition to the committee´s work on its charges from the Faculty Senate and other stakeholders, the committee organized a very successful faculty development workshop in the fall of 2002; a second workshop was planned for fall 2003.

The Faculty Senate´s 2002–2003 charge to the GEC was for the committee to continue the work of the previous year, and to provide a summary of the GEC´s disposition of charges for the previous three academic years. The following table summarizes all charges teh committee has received since 2000, along with their current status.

  1. "Describe articulation between GEC and CC", 00–01 FSen Charge, Complete:GEC is no longer a subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee.
  2. "Review budgetary implications of administering GEP with Budget Committee", 00–01 FSen Charge, Pending:This discussion with the Budget Committee has apparently not taken place. The GEC has no budget, except for funds used for fall gen ed faculty development events.
  3. Review the attached request that all 100–200 level general education courses have an exam the first two weeks of fall quarter.", 00–01 FSen Charge, Complete:The committee considered whether all 100 and 200 level Gen. Ed. courses should require examinations in the first two weeks of fall quarter; the committee did not think such a requirement appropriate.

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