2020-2021 Faculty Senate Standing Committee Charges

Academic Affairs Committee

  • AAC 20-21.01 Consider revising policy language about the option to make an anti-racist and/or a race and ethnicity graduation requirement for undergradudate students.
  • AAC 20-21.02 Consider making the Emergency Pass/Emergency Fail option for students in emergency situations permanent.
  • AAC 20-21.03 Consider revising the language used in Catalog for EP/EF grade option to address situations when a faculty member is going to submit a grade change for an Incomplete.
  • AAC 20-21.04 Consider revising the admissions criteria for first-year students to make the SAT/ACT optional.  
  • AAC 20-21.05 Continue working on the language for policy 5-90-080 regarding Disruptive Behavior in academic settings.
  • AAC 20-21.06 Consider updating the Transfer Admission Policy.
  • AAC 20-21.07 Consider the creation of a statute of limitations for accepting transfer credits.
  • AAC 20-21.08 Consider exploring the potential benefits and drawbacks of creating a consistent set of statements that can be located in an online repository that faculty members can include in the syllabus by adding a link.
  • AAC 20-21.09 Consider develolping a policy and/or procedure for placing, communicating, and managing holds on student accounts.
  • AAC 20-21.10 Consider reviewing the policy about prior learning requirement.
  • AAC 20-21.11 Develop a set of procedures (CWUR 2-90-060) to mirrow CWUP 5-90-060 outlining the process of creating, reorganizing, and remaining academic units.
  • AAC 20-21.12 Consider revisions to warning/probation/suspension policy/procedure and craft modifications of policy/procedure to reflect these revisions.
  • AAC 20-21.13 Consider revisions to the academic dishonesty policy (CWUP 5-90-040(22)) and procedure to clarify the process overall and for appeals.
  • AAC 20-21.14 Consider developing university policy or procedure to ensure departmental policies on plagiarism and other behaviors are consistent with the student conduct code, WAC, and FERPA.
  • AAC 20-21.15 Review committee procedures manual and update as required.

Budget & Planning Committee

  • BPC 20-21.01 Provide recommendations for a transparent budget process for the ASL non-college budget.
  • BPC 20-21.02 Continue discussions about the budgetary implications of the COVID-19 crisis, and maintain strong advocacy for the insturctional budget and faculty.
  • BPC 20-21.03 Consider providing recommendations about tutition waiver policies.
  • BPC 20-21.04 Continue discussion about the budgetary implications of the new General Education program and provide recommendations as appropriate.
  • BPC 20-21.05 Consider proposing university policy language related to college budget committees and/or the budget process in general.
  • BPC 20-21.07 Continue monitoring implementation of the budget model at Central by collecting and analyzing data regarding impacts to programs, departments, and colleges.  Disseminate results to administrators and faculty as appropriate.
  • BPC 20-21.08 Continue to develop and evaluate alternatives to the current budget model.
  • BPC 20-21.09 Continue to take an active role in the budget governance process, and push for greater clarity in the various roles in that process.
  • BPC 20-21.10 Consider establishing and communicating closely with college and unit budget committees, and advocate for transparency in the college level budgets.
  • BPC 20-21.11 Review committee procedures manual and update as required.

Bylaws & Faculty Code Committee

  • BFCC 20-21.01 Consider revising the language regarding benefits and privileges for Emeritus Faculty as outlined in Faculty Code, Section I.B.2.
  • BFCC 20-21.02 Consider whether there are any changes to the Faculty Senate Bylaws or the Faculty Senate Faculty Code needed to deal with issues that have been exposed by the university response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • BFCC 20-21.03 Continue working and moving forward the approved language for the CWUP and correlated language in Faculty Code that strengthen the code and shared governance and that would protect the Senate.  Consider CWUP 2-10-220 as outlined in the year-end report.
  • BFCC 20-21.04 Consider creating language in the Faculty Senate Bylaws to change the membership of Faculty Senate committees to have only one member from the Executive Committee.
  • BFCC 20-21.05 Review committee procedures manual and update as required.

Curriculum Committee

  • CC 20-21.01 Review and address all curricular changes and MOUs that resulted from COVID-19.
  • CC 20-21.02 Consider reassessing course modalities and definitions.
  • CC 20-21.03 Consider developing a strategy for communicating curriculum-related news to faculty and staff.
  • CC 20-21.04 Review hold process and implementation changes.
  • CC 20-21.05 Consider new ways to accommodate changes or update course offerings quickly in response to COVID-19.
  • CC 20-21.06 Consider drafting policy and/or procedure to clarify the Curriculog form approval process and timeline.
  • CC 20-21.07 Work with the Registrar's Office to address any Curriculog issues that impact faculty and the curriculum submission process.
  • CC 20-21.08 Continue revising program discontinuation policy (CWUP 5-50-100) and procedure (CWUR 2-50-100) based on changes suggested by the Provost Council.
  • CC 20-21.09 Review procedures to ensure curriculum process is consistent from year to year (e.g., onboarding for new committee members to orient them to curriculum policy and procedure and committee procedures), and update as needed.
  • CC 20-21.10 Review committee procedures manual and udpate as required.

Evaluation & Assessment Committee

  • EAC 20-21.01 Consider the creation of assessment strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • EAC 20-21.02 Consider evaluating ways to increase student response rates of SEOI completion and develop suggested language for faculty members.
  • EAC 20-21.03 Consider assessing the impact of the SEOIs during the COVID mandated online/hybrid courses.
  • EAC 20-21.04 Continue working with Information Services to improve/modify SEOI delivery systems, students' notifications and form types.
  • EAC 20-21.05 Consider additions or modifications to the existing policies and procedures regarding the role of SEOIs in teaching assessment.
  • EAC 20-21.06 Conduct annual assessment of Faculty Senate and Faculty Executive Committee.
  • EAC 20-21.07 Conduct assessment of academic adminstrators.
  • EAC 20-21.08 Review committee manual and update as required.

General Education Committee

  •  GEC 20-21.02 Consider examining all Gen Ed outcomes and assessment statement using standards provided by the Antiracism, Diversity, and Inclusivity Task Force regarding biased, exclusionary, and/or ableist language and course expectations.  The committee shall then review Gen Ed outcomes and assessment statements using these standards, and recommend updates to remove any biased, exclusionary, and/or ableist language/expectations.
  •  GEC 20-21.03 Continue discussions from 2020-21 surrounding the renaming of the FYE 184 course to resolve course and category confusion.  Work with GECM to develop appropriate next steps forward.

GE Curriculum and Assessment subcommittee (GECA)

  •  GECA 20-21.01 Review and approve proposals to add courses to or remove courses from the General Education program.
  • GECA 20-21.02 Review, seek broad input, and make decisions about proposed General Education Program framework and rules changes.
  • GECA 20-21.03 Continue developing assessment indicators, drafting procedures, and collecting data for the general education program assessment plan.  Communicate an assessment product with stakeholders.
  • GECA 20-21.04 Continue analyzing the implications and options regarding organizational placement of the General Education Program and its operation.
  • GECA 20-21.05 Continue to review transfer articulations that relate to the General Education program.

GE Coordination and Management subcommittee (GECM)

  • GECM 20-21.01 Discuss and establish Pathway Coordinator goals and priorities for the second year of the GE program.
  • GECM 20-21.02 Draft procedures or working documentation that corresponded to existing general education work mentioned in policies and/or Pathway Coordinator job duties, but not clearly defined.

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