CWUR 3-50-500

CWUR 3-50-520 Connection Cards for Department or Grant Use

Authority: This procedure is governed by CWU Policy 2-10-190, Connection Cards.
(A) Procedure for obtaining a departmental or grant Connection Card:
The following documents must be directed to the Connection Card Office Supervisor.
1. A detailed written request outlining the intended use/uses of the card and the designated cardholder.
2. A charge/credit form initiated by the department/grant coordinator indicating the dollar amount to be placed on the card, appropriate project ID and account numbers, and with valid signatory authority. Please indicate in the description section of the invoice that the charge is for a Department Connection Card.

The charge/credit invoice will be completed in the Connection Card Office and forwarded to Enterprise Accounting for processing, with a fully executed copy being returned to the originating department. A Department Connection Card will then be issued to the requesting party in the amount charged.

(B) Responsibility of Cardholder (typically departmental secretary or grant coordinator):
(1) Ensure that authorized charge/credit invoices are forwarded to the Connection Card Office Supervisor for processing.
(2) Maintain a log of the following information: date and time an employee checks out the departmental card, brief description of the purpose of the expenditure, signature of employee checking out the card, record that the card was returned, and the dollar amount remaining on the card.

It is the responsibility of the cardholder to follow up with the employee if a card is not returned within a reasonable period of time.

A system generated report outlining the monthly activity on a departmental/grant department connection card will be automatically sent to the department/grant cardholder each month. When that report is received, it is the responsibility of the cardholder to attach the report to the log for that month and maintain all supporting documentation for the time required under the policies for archiving of materials. Enterprise Accounting must be notified if the cardholder has changed so the system can be updated to ensure the monthly reports are successfully delivered.

(C) Adding Money to a Department Connection Card
When the cardholder deems it necessary to add money to an existing card he/she will initiate a charge/credit invoice with the proper budget numbers and signatory authority and will deliver or forward the invoice to the Connection Card Office Supervisor, along with an attached memo outlining why the additional charge is necessary. Once the charge/credit invoice is received the dollar amount requested will be added into the system on the account for that card. Be sure to note in the comments section of the charge/credit that this money is to be added to your Department Connection Card.

When determining the amount applied to the meal plan the amount cannot exceed the State per diem rates when using state or federal funds. Prior approval from the Grants Office is required if the purchaser uses a grant project ID number. The Grants Office will require documentation to show the grant has the spending authority for meals to participants.
There is no daily or per meal dollar limitation however, in most circumstances, the total dollar value of the card will not be increased..  Any unexpended funds remaining on the card will be returned to the project ID by the Connection Card Office.  To ensure the card holder will have money for meals through the end of his/her stay, it is recommended to replenish the card to an agreed-upon amount at the beginning of each period, determined by the project ID manager and the Dining Services Office.  Upon request, the Connection Card Office will supply the project ID manager with a current patron report showing all account activity.  It is the responsibility of the project ID manager to notify the Connection Card Office of the new balance for each new period. 

(D) Closing an Account
When the cardholder makes a determination that the Department Connection Card he/she is responsible for is no longer needed, he/she will initiate a charge/credit invoice so that the dollar amount remaining on the card (if applicable) can be credited back to the proper department or grant. The cardholder will forward the invoice to the Connection Card Office for completion and forward to Enterprise Accounting, and the account on the departmental connection card will be closed.

(E) Card Set up and Replacement – Departments will be assessed a fee for a new department or grant connection card. Connection card replacement is governed by CWU Procedure 3-50-525.

[Responsibility: AVP Finance and Business Auxiliaries; Authority: BFA; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/UPAC; Review/Effective Date: 11/7/2012; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

CWUR 3-50-525 Connection Card Replacement

All students, faculty, and staff are eligible for one free connection card.

The connection card office will charge a patron card replacement fee to the card owner for any lost/damaged cards.

There is a premium patron card replacement fee charged for cards used as key entry to the residence halls.

Stolen cards will be replaced, at no charge, when reported to the connection card office along with a copy of the police report submitted for the theft.

Cards presented to the connection card office that are malfunctioning will be replaced at no charge to the card holder, unless intentional damage is evident.

Departments and programs who request a departmental card/identification badge will be charged a fee equal to the cost of supplies to create the card. Replacement cards for program cards/identification badges will be equal to this creation fee.

Both the patron card replacement fee and departmental card/identification badge fee will be reviewed and updated annually during fall quarter by the connection card office.

[Responsibility: AVP Finance and Business Auxiliaries; Authority: BFA; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Cabinet/UPAC; Review/Effective Date: 11/7/2012; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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