Using the Hotline

Internal Audit Hotline

CWU is committed to integrity, responsibility and accountability in all our work. In alignment with this commitment, we support an internal hotline reporting service.

Reportable activities of special concern are;

  • Fraud
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Waste and misuse of university resources

Make a Difference

You can make a difference by speaking up. University employees should report concerns about known or suspected illegal, unethical and irresponsible acts. It is everyone’s responsibility to help prevent these acts. Reports to the hotline must be made in good faith.


Employees may choose to remain anonymous when using the Hotline. If the employee opts to remain anonymous, no effort will be made to identify the person making the report. If an employee chooses to provide their name, the report will be handled discreetly and treated confidentially to the extent possible under applicable laws.


State law and university policy prohibits employees from engaging in retaliatory conduct against those who make or are perceived to have made a report of unethical, illegal and unsafe acts or those who provide information as a witness to such acts.

When to Use the Hotline

Employees are encouraged to voice their concerns at the lowest possible level. Talk honestly with another employee, a supervisor, and/or an Appointing Authority. Use the Internal Audit Hotline when you are unable to use normal administrative channels for voicing concerns about illegal, unethical and irresponsible activities.

Issues you can report through the Hotline

  • Fraud/theft
  • Conflict of interest
  • Waste and/or misuse of university resources
  • Financial policy violations
  • Operational policy violations
  • Other regulatory violations

When not to use the Hotline

The Hotline should not be used to report employee grievances related to complaints about working conditions, performance evaluations, work hours or wages. For a summary and Q&A on our hotline, see our flyer (pdf).

Process to the Hotline

Employees can report concerns directly to the Internal Auditor online through the internal Hotline web form. Once received, your report will be handled discretely and treated confidentially to the extent possible under applicable laws. The reporter may inquire as to the status of their Hotline by contacting the Internal Auditor. However, state law has restrictions on what information can be provided to the reporter during the investigation and after the investigation is completed. If you elected anonymity at the time you filed your Hotline, it will be impossible to provide any information about the investigation.

Alternate Process to the Hotline

The Internal Auditor is located in Barge 311. Employees can report concerns directly to the Internal Auditor by telephone, 509-963-1191, or through campus mail, MS7481.

Please provide sufficient details to allow investigation of the allegation. Any employee who brings an issue to the university’s attention through the hotline should be aware that university policy prohibits retaliation against employees who in good faith report apparent violations. 

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