IPEDS Submitted Reports

All post-secondary institutions that have a Program Participation Agreement with the Office of Postsecondary Education and receive U.S. Department of Education ("Title IV") federal funds are required to report The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) data annually.

IPEDS data are reported in the following survey components: Completions; 12-Month Enrollment; Institutional Characteristics; Student Financial Aid; Graduation Rates; 200% Graduation Rates; Admissions; Outcome Measures; Fall Enrollment; Finance; Human Resources; and Academic Libraries. Below are the IPEDS survey components submitted by Central Washington University, listed by collection year. Each report is based on the previous academic year's data. For example, the 2018-2019 Completions IPEDS report, was based on/generated with the 2017-2018 academic year student data.
  • IPEDS: Institutional Characteristics

    Institutional Characteristics: This component collects important information about your institution's mission, student services, and student charges. Much of the data reported on IC appear on College Navigator, which is updated once after IC data has been reviewed. Thus, errors may stay on College Navigator for a full year.

    Institutional Characteristics AY 2021-22 (PDF)

  • IPEDS: Admissions

    Admissions Overview (ADM): The primary purpose of ADM is to collect basic information about the undergraduate selection process for entering first-time, degree/certificate-seeking students. This includes information about admissions considerations, admissions yields, and SAT and ACT test scores (if test scores are required for admission). ADM will be collected only from institutions that do not have an open admissions policy for entering first-time students.

    Admissions AY 2021-22 (PDF)

  • IPEDS: 12-Month Enrollment

    12-Month Enrollment Overview: The 12-month Enrollment component collects unduplicated student enrollment counts and instructional activity data for an entire 12-month period. Using the instructional activity data reported, a full-time equivalent (FTE) student enrollment at the undergraduate and graduate level is estimated. Institutions with Doctor's - professional practice students will also report the FTE enrollment of those students. NCES uses the FTE enrollment to produce indicators such as expenses by function per FTE as reported in the IPEDS Data Feedback Report.

    12-Month Enrollment AY 2021-22 (PDF)

  • IPEDS: Fall Enrollment

    Fall Enrollment Overview: The Fall Enrollment component collects student enrollment counts by the level of the student, enrollment status, gender and race/ethnicity. In addition, first-time student retention rates and the student-to-faculty ratio are collected. Every other year data on residence of first-time undergraduates is required and in opposite years, enrollment by student age is required to be reported.

    Fall Enrollment AY 2021-22 (PDF)

  • IPEDS: Completions

    Completions Overview: The Completions component is one of several IPEDS components that is conducted during the Fall data collector period. It collects the number of degrees and certificates awarded by field of study, level of award, race/ethnicity, and gender. The reporting period for the Completions component is during the 12-month time period beginning July 1 of the previous calendar year and ending June 30 of the current calendar year.

    Completions AY 2021-22 (PDF)

  • IPEDS: Graduation Rates

    Graduation Rates (GR) Overview: The GR component collects data on the cohort of full-time, first-time degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate students and tracks their completion status at 150% of the normal time to complete all requirements of their program of study. This information is collected to assist institutions in complying with the requirements of the Student Right-to-Know Act.

    Graduation Rates AY 2021-22 (PDF)

  • IPEDS: 200% Graduation Rates

    Graduation Rates 200 (GR200) Overview: The GR200 component is a further extension of the traditional Graduation Rates (GR) component which carries forward 100% and 150% graduation rates data previously reported in the GR component and requests information on any additional completers and exclusions from the cohort between 151% and 200% of normal time for students to complete all requirements of their program of study. This information is collected to assist institutions with complying with the requirements of the Higher Education Act, as amended.

    200% Graduation Rates AY 2021-22 (PDF)

  • IPEDS: Student Financial Aid

    Student Financial Aid (SFA) Overview: The purpose of the SFA component is to collect information about financial aid provided to various groups of undergraduate students and military/veteran educational benefits for all students at your institution.

    Student Financial Aid AY 2021-22 (PDF)

  • IPEDS: Outcome Measures

    Outcome Measures (OM) Overview: The OM component collects award and enrollment data from degree-granting institutions on four undergraduate cohorts and eight undergraduate sub-cohorts at three status points: four-years, six-years, and eight-years after entry. The four cohorts of degree/certificate-seeking undergraduates are:

    • First-time, full-time entering (FTFT)
    • First-time, part-time entering (FTPT)
    • Non-first-time, full-time entering (NFTFT)
    • Non-first-time, part-time entering (NFTPT)

    For each cohort, two subcohort groups have been added to the OM component - Pell Grant recipients and Non-Pell Grant recipients - resulting in eight undergraduate subcohorts.

    Outcome Measures AY 2021-22 (PDF)

  • IPEDS: Finance

    Finance Overview: The purpose of the IPEDS Finance component is to collect basic financial information from items associated with the institution's General Purpose Financial Statements.

    Finance AY 2021-22 (PDF)

  • IPEDS: Human Resources

    Human Resources (HR) Overview: The HR component collects important information about your institution's staff.

    Human Resources AY 2021-22 (PDF)

  • IPEDS: Academic Libraries

    Academic Libraries (AL) Overview: The purpose of the AL component of IPEDS is to collect information on library collections, library expenses, and library services for libraries in degree-granting postsecondary institutions.

    Academic Libraries AY 2021-22 (PDF)

Schedule of External Reports

Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning produces external reports annually, and the PDF document shows the breakdown of when each report is updated. This list does not include operational reports, e.g., enrollment management, retention, provost's office, public records request, internal departmental and program requests.

Shedule of External Reports

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