Wireless Networking

Through the Getting Connected page, you can find directions to set up the your devices for our wireless network.

All of our on campus halls have wired and wireless internet available, and our off campus apartments including Brooklane Village, Wahle, and Getz-Short have DSL modems provided through Consolidated Communications.

You can connect to the wifi by selecting the cwu-wildcats network and logging in with your MyCWU username and password. Do not include the @cwu.edu portion.  

For devices which cannot connect with a username, you can register the device to our CWU-Play network and connect without needing to log in with a username.

To do so, navigate to our Registration Page and register the MAC address of your device. You will be provided with a community password for the network and will be able to log in to the CWU-Play network rather than CWU-wildcats.

For assistance getting connected, contact us at (509)-963-2001 or email us at resnet@cwu.edu.

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