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Digital Storage and Standards

Central Washington University's faculty, staff, and students require access to institutional data in support of the university's teaching, research, and outreach missions. The purpose of this standard is to define the correct uses for each university-supported service and product. Furthermore, this standard defines what type of data can be stored in that service or product.

Data classification provides a basis for understanding and managing institutional data based on the level of criticality and required confidentiality of the data. The university's institutional data will be assigned one of three classifications:

  1. Public: Data intended for broad distribution in support of the university's missions or freely available to any person or organization with no restrictions.
  2. Restricted: Data that is circulated on a need-to-know basis or sensitive enough to warrant careful management and protection to safeguard its confidentiality, integrity, and availability, as well as appropriate access, use, and disclosure.
  3. Confidential: Data protected or regulated by law or critical to university operations including sensitive personal information. Unauthorized disclosure of this information could seriously and adversely impact the university or the interest of individuals and organizations associated with the university.

Recommendation notes:

  • If possible, save departmental work data to a network share
  • If a VPN connection is not available to save work to OneDrive for Business or a designated departmental Sharepoint site if one exists.

For more information and guidelines see the full data management and cloud storage policy.

Digital Storage Table

A list of common digital storage types and their classifications. Note that of the following, only Network/File Shares are confidential and Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Sharepoint are confidential with caution and restrictions.

Supported Services Public Restricted Recommended Use
Canvas Yes Yes Academic course materials
Email ( Yes Yes Communication oriented
Local hard drive/desktop Yes Yes Not recommended
OneDrive for Business Yes Yes Individual CWU data
Microsoft Teams Yes Yes Dept./shared data
Microsoft Sharepoint Yes Yes Dept./shared data
Network/File Shares Yes Yes Dept./shared data
Kaltura Yes No Persistent video content
Zoom Yes No Mtgs. and video content
Thumb drives/portable etc No No Not recommended
Email services (non cwu) No No Not recommended
Other cloud storage No No Not recommended
Google Doc No No Not recommended

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