CWU Emergency Management to conduct CWU Alert! test April 9

  • April 1, 2024
  • CWU Emergency Management

Please be aware that CWU Emergency Management will be conducting a test of the university-wide notification systems on April 9, 2024, at 10 a.m.

The upcoming test of the system is twofold: to evaluate transmission effectiveness and receipt of the message by users. If you do not receive a message, please email

The CWU Alert! system notifies students, staff, and faculty of emergencies that impact the operation of the Ellensburg campus, including campus closures and delays.

The notification system automatically sends text, email, and phone messages using the information in the MyCWU "Personal Details" section. We would like to ask that you review and update your profile immediately to ensure your contact information is current. This includes:

  • all current personal cell numbers,
  • current office phone numbers,
  • current email addresses.

Follow the instructions and trust only official CWU communication channels for information and updates. Official CWU channels include CWU Alert! and the CWU Emergency Notification website

Do not share unverified information on social media that you are not certain about.


Shelter in Place vs. Lockdown

Shelter in Place

During a shelter-in-place order, members of the campus community are told to move or remain indoors for safety reasons because there is an environmental, chemical, or other threat to the community's well-being. Classes taking place in indoor facilities may proceed.


Situations where there is an immediate threat to your location, such as:

  • Dangerous incident in the immediate neighborhood.
  • Dangerous incident close to your location.
  • Proceed to a location that can be secured, and lock or secure the door(s) and window(s).
  • Turn off all lights and silence all phones. Instruction will come via e-mail, text, or other authorized means, so keep your silenced phone nearby.
  • Wait in the safest location possible until you are given the “all clear” or told to evacuate.
  • A lockdown may also lead to a “Run, Hide, Fight” situation.
If you have any questions about the CWU Alert! system or the April 9th test exercise, please email

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