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Welcome to CWU's dynamic student media scene, where a variety of media resources awaits you. Stay informed with campus news in our student-run newspaper or immerse yourself in arts and entertainment, capturing unforgettable moments on our Campus Activities calendar.

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Bring stories to life, tune in to our multimedia journalism sources, or captivate a radio experience to bring insights on campus happenings. Explore all the best platforms CWU has to offer in news, arts, multimedia, and radio, and become an active part of our media community.

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Explore the different programs and resources of the CWU Brand.

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Learn about Wildcat Films, the student-run production house.

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Student Media

See, Hear, and Feel the Buzz Around Campus Created by Our Students

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CWU News

CWU Business faculty dedicated to helping small-town small businesses grow

November 29, 2023


Sponsors needed for annual CWU President's Holiday Gift Project

November 29, 2023


CWU Teacher Academies ambassador visits the White House

November 27, 2023


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