For Students

Learning is enhanced when students experience a diverse learning and living environment. Additional benefits include
  • Academic Engagement

    Students are more academically engaged in a diverse environment compared with a less diverse environment. Students who are engaged are more likely to be retained and graduate.

  • Diverse Curriculum

    A diverse curriculum fosters positive impacts on students’ intellectual growth, satisfaction with the university experience, and engagement in meaningful complex interactions both within the classroom and outside of the classroom.

  • Preparation for a Global Workforce

    Students in a diverse environment are better able to participate in the global workforce. Organizations are looking for employees who can make international connections, have cross-cultural knowledge, and increase markets throughout the world.

  • Identity Exploration

    Having a safe space in a welcoming and inclusive university environment to discuss one’s identity helps students to feel confident in who they are. Students who participate in identity exploration in a diverse environment are better equipped to appreciate and understand diversity, equity, and belonging in the classroom and beyond. This experience often dispells stereotypes and builds strong relationships.

  • Sense of Belonging and Safety

    Beyond diversity and inclusion is belonging: where students feel as if they are part of the group, can share confidences and feel safe, and feel respected and are able participate in university life to the best of their ability. 

  • University Experience

    Students who work in diverse groups report higher satisfaction with the college experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Student in CWU wildcat shirt holding a toad next to their professor outdoors.

For Staff and Faculty

The benefits of a diverse campus community are also experienced by Faculty and Staff. Positive impacts include
  • Improved Employee Engagement

    Faculty and staff are more comfortable in a workplace that encourages people from all backgrounds to do their best and feel that they are valued.

  • Increased Effectiveness

    Diverse teams are more adept at decision-making and productive in the workplace due to the variation in experiences that bring new perspectives, raise new challenges, and identify concerns.

  • Improved Creativity

    Working with people of different backgrounds allows unique concepts to be shared, fueling innovation and increasing creativity.

  • Work / Life Balance

    When we are more engaged and effective at work, it provides us with the opportunity for greater enjoyment of work and work/life balance.

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