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Teach STEM


STEM Teaching Program

NEW - Fall 2017

Teach STEM: Producing excellence from our classrooms to the world.

Curious about teaching?  Get PAID to try it out.  The first STEM Teaching class, STP301 (2cr), is open to any CWU student. You work with a team of students to teach STEM in a real classroom. You'll get $300 toward your financial aid just for completing STP301 with a C or better. Contact us to learn more about STP301!

  • Flexible. Graduate in 4 years with your science or mathematics degree and teaching certification. Accelerated options for transfer and postbac students
  • Hireable. Science and mathematics teachers are critically needed state- and nationwide. Over 90% of STEM teaching graduates find employment immediately.
  • Meaningful. Make a difference in your community with a fulfilling career.
  • Unique. CWU offers the only UTeach program in Washington State. This nationally-recognized STEM teacher preparation model immediately connects you to a nationwide network of STEM teaching professionals. Learn more about UTeach.

What are you waiting for?  

Meet with the STEM Teaching Program advisor to start the path to teaching today.


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