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Teacher Education at Central

Welcome Future Educators!

"Preparing facilitators of learning in a diverse world."

The Teacher Education Programs at Central adopted a program theme to serve as a visible reminder to faculty and students of what we are trying to become. We agreed that both our faculty and our graduates should be facilitators of learning. The term facilitator was chosen because of its consistency with the constructivist philosophy. The term reflects the view of the professional educator as one that encourages personal reflection and construction of knowledge, who enables students in the construction of knowledge, and who provides insights about formal knowledge, but who does not dictate the knowledge that will be constructed. It shifts the focus from what the professional educator does to what the student achieves. It reminds us that the success of our endeavor is measured not in seat time or credits earned but in knowledge, skills, and values acquired. Thus, we see ourselves and we want our students to see us and themselves as facilitators of learning.

Teacher Study Time

CWU's 2014 Teacher Time Study: How WA public school teachers spend their workdays
This is the first study of its kind to reveal how Washington State public K-12 schoolteachers spend their workdays. Directed by the Washington State Legislature to conduct this study, CWU learned how much of the workday teachers spend on teaching related duties and how much on duties not directly related to teaching. The results might surprise you.