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Student Accounts

The mission of the Student Accounts Office is to operate efficiently to provide excellent customer service for students, parents, university departments, and third parties. We will provide our customers with accurate and timely account information, efficient and secure means to collect and process all payments, refunds, printing and distribution of checks, Perkins and Short-Term loans processing and support, and recovery of delinquent balances due, ensuring the timely deposit of funds, and safeguarding Central Washington University's assets.

Important Dates To Remember

Fall Quarter 2013

Winter Quarter 2014

Spring Quarter 2014

Summer Quarter 2014


NOTE: Tuition and fees are due at the beginning of each quarter and must be paid prior to the sixth day of instruction. A $50 late fee is added approximately on the 10th day and a $100 late fee is added approximately on the 30th day. See each calendar above to see the exact dates for each quarter.