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What is SOURCE?

The Symposium Of University Research and Creative Expression

What is SOURCE?  Click HERE for a brief informational video.

SOURCE is a university-wide forum that showcases all disciplines of research, scholarship, and creative activities by students, faculty, and staff at Central Washington University.

The goals of SOURCE are to:

  • Celebrate the depth and diversity of scholarly inquiry and creative expression at Central Washington University.
  • Offer students a professional forum in order to sharpen their presentation skills and communicate professional standards.
  • Promote students' professional development by providing evaluation and feedback on student presentations in accordance with rigorous professional expectations.
  • Promote excellence in pedagogy by providing an opportunity for faculty to mentor students through all the steps involved in presenting their work, including creating a research idea, designing and conducting research, and developing and delivering a presentation.
  • Create a sense of excitement about scholarship and promote life-long learning by encouraging people from within and outside the University to attend students' presentations and learn about current developments across multiple academic disciplines.
  • Foster partnerships between higher education, industry, government, and the local community by inviting representatives from diverse fields to partake in evaluating student presentations.
  • Attract the attention of employers to the excellence of students at Central Washington University.
  • Allow opportunities for further development of mentoring relationships and skills.
  • Allow opportunities for further development of collaborative relationships and skills.
  • Promote a sense of community and inclusivity by encouraging students from all disciplines to participate and by recognizing that, while facilitating students' professional development is our priority, presentations by faculty and staff are welcome.
  • Elevate student accomplishment and recognize the excellence of undergraduate and graduate research at Central Washington University.
  • Recognize works of creative expression as valuable research activities with cultural significance alongside more traditional research.
  • Promote entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging students to develop and exhibit their business plans.
  • Educate the University, Town, and Region about the resources and work available through Central Washington University.

Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, or other employees of Central who engage in scholarly activity and wish to share the results of their work with the campus community are encouraged to participate. Examples of scholarship include scientific, historical, literary, or educational research, as well as creative writing, musical and theatrical performance, or artistic composition.