K-12 Resources

Are you a K-12 teacher in the central Washington area? Would you be interested in having your students present alongside undergraduate and graduate students at Central Washington University? SOURCE would love to provide your students a forum to enhance their professional presentation skills.

If you are interested in having your K-12 students present at SOURCE, please contact the SOURCE office at Alternatively, you can contact the Center for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education at

If you have already contacted individuals on the SOURCE Committee or through the Center for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education, please note the following guidelines for submitting your K-12 students' presentations via the SOURCE submission site.

Instructions for K-12 registration at SOURCE

Go to and complete the submission form as follows:

  1. First Author’s name – enter the teacher’s first and last names.
  2. CWU email address – enter “” (this is the primary email for the Center for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education).
  3. CWU ID number – enter “99999999”.
  4. Home campus – select “Ellensburg”.
  5. Status (e.g., undergraduate, graduate, faculty/staff) – select “K-12”.
  6. Major - select "K-12".
  7. Non-CWU Email for K-12 Presenters Only - enter the teacher's email address.
  8. Additional Authors  – enter the first and last names of student presenters and "99999999" for CWU ID.
  9. Primary Faculty Mentor’s namel – enter “K-12" for first name, "CESME" for last name, and "" for the email.
  10. Department of Faculty Mentor -- Select "K-12" 
  11. The title and abstract of your presentation, performance, or creative work – Enter the title of the presentation if you are bringing one student. If you are bringing more than one student, enter a generic descriptive title like “Science posters from eighth grade Properties of Matter, Morgan Middle School" or "Tenth grade science projects investigating the chemistry of river water in the Yakima basin".  Abstracts are limited to a maximum of 250 words.
  12. The campus where you would like to present -- Select "Ellensburg"
  13. If the presented project or research involves human or animal subjects. All research involving human subjects, including surveys and questionnaires, must have Human Subjects Review Committee (HSRC) approval. All research involving animals as subjects must have approval from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).  If you click YES for either human or animal subjects, you will need the appropriate approval number, which will be verified by the appropriate committee. If you click NO and it is later determined that your research requires HSRC or IACUC approval, your abstract will be withdrawn from SOURCE.
  14. Presentation Format.  -- Most K-12 SOURCE presentations are posters.  Please contact if you desire to present in a different format.
  15. Additional Presentation Requirements – THIS SECTION IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR K-12 CORRESPONDENCE AND PLANNING.  Enter the teacher’s email address, the school and grade level of the K-12 students, the number of presentations you are bringing to SOURCE (the number of posters, performances, etc.), and any additional student author names that could not fit in the co-author space above.
  16. Session or Theme Placement  – select “K-12.”
  17. Diversity Themed or Sustainability Themed -- If these themes apply to your students' projects, please select "Yes".
  18. The remaining fields will apply for CWU students and do not require that you select or enter responses.  Make certain to scroll down to the bottom and "SUBMIT" your application.


Poster presentations by K-12 students have varied throughout the years at SOURCE.  We do ask that teachers emphasize to their K-12 students that SOURCE is a professional venue at which undergraduate and graduate students at CWU are developing and honing their own presentation skills and to treat the experience with respect.

Technology for poster printing isn't a requirement at SOURCE. Hand-made poster presentations are welcome.  Below are photographs of student presenters in front of their hand-made posters.