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General Information

SOURCE supports four standard formats for presenting research, scholarship, or creative activities.  Students should talk with their mentor about the presentation type that would be best for presenting their work.

Room Attendants Only

SOURCE also supports several specialized presentation formats including: 

  • Business Plan Competition: All Central students and student teams are encouraged to enter business plans in this competition, which is sponsored by the Herbert B. Jones Foundation.
  • University Centers Participation: Students, faculty and staff at all University Centers are encouraged to participate. At the time of abstract submission, Center participants may choose to present an oral or poster presentation at the Ellensburg campus or present a poster presentation at their Center location. 
  • Online Student Participation: Students enrolled in a 100% online program may choose to present an oral presentation online through the Blackboard Collaborate system at SOURCE. 

**The Faculty Peer Review category will no longer be available at SOURCE due to difficulties in identifying and recruiting qualified peer reviewers in a timely manner.**

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