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Creative Expression at SOURCE

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The creative expression category is a good option for projects that include a reading of creative writing, an artistic presentation, or film. This option may be appropriate for a variety of disciplines such as literary readings, film screenings, theater, dance, and vocal and instrumental music. Performances may be solo or ensemble or, if it is not possible to perform at SOURCE, may consist of a video of previous performances.

In-person performances or videos of previous performances should be 15 minutes, plus 3 minutes for audience feedback/questions. If your performance consists of a video showing of a prior performance or specific accommodations are needed, please indicate this when you submit your abstract. For longer performances, a double session may be requested and must be approved by the SOURCE committee. You will be notified if your double session request is approved within two weeks of the closing of submissions in April. 

Creative expression submissions must include a 250-word abstract or description of the performance. The following points should be included:

  • The composer or author and title of the work(s) to be performed
  • The reason(s) why the work(s) was chosen
  • The challenges to the performer(s) in presenting the work(s)

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