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Science Honors

The Science Honors Research Program is a two-year research program for undergraduate students majoring in a scientific field. The program provides an opportunity for eligible students to conduct high level research on a project focused on physical, biological, or computational science.

Research is conducted in close collaboration with a Science Honors Faculty, and is an unparalleled opportunity to prepare for graduate school and successful scientific careers. Admission to the program is based on competitively selected applications that include a detailed research proposal.

The Science Honors Research Program experience culminates in a written honors thesis. Students are expected to present their work at SOURCE and at a professional conference, and are encouraged to submit their work for publication in a scientific journal.

We are proud of the success of our SHRP students. In the past 8 years, SHRP students have been co-authors on 11 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and have presented their research at over 50 professional, scientific conferences! This is an amazing feat, and is a testament to the scientific curiosity and hard work of SHRP students. Our alumni have very successful scientific careers, with the vast majority entering graduate/medical/dental school, or moving directly into careers in their scientific discipline.

Publications and Presentations by SHRP Students

Faculty and students are encouraged to develop research proposals for admission to the 2014-2015 Science Honors Research Program.

Applications will be due February 10, 2014 . Explore this site to learn about the opportunities available to participants.

In addition to providing an outstanding research opportunity, the Science Honors Research Program provides financial support for both the student and the faculty mentor.

  • -Students receive a $3500 stipend for nine weeks of full-time research during the summer,
  • -Students receive additional funding for equipment or other research-related expenses,
  • -Faculty mentors receive a summer stipend and receive 3 WLU reassigned time during the academic year.

After admission to the program, the students enroll in a Science Honors Junior Seminar and in Honors Research for spring quarter of their junior year. Research under the direction of the faculty mentor will commence in spring quarter, carry through a 9-week summer program, and continue during the senior year until the project is completed. The research experience concludes with a Capstone Science Honors Seminar, a written honors thesis, and an oral presentation to the CWU community at SOURCE.

Contact the program director, Dr. Audrey Huerta if you have questions regarding eligibility or the application process.

Congratulation to the 2013-2014 cohort of Science Honors Research students!

Science Honors Research Program: Student Projects 2013-14
James BrownDr. Steve HackenbergerAnthropologyRadiocarbon Dating of Bioapatite from Calcine Bone: Western Washington
 Eric ContrerasDr. Levente Fabry-AsztalosChemistrySynthesis towards straight chain Borinic Acids as Potential HIV-1 Protease
Casey CroshawDr. Jennifer DechaineBiologyNatural selection in hybrid zones of Balsamorhiza species in central Washington.
Lianne A DayDrs. Lubinski and HackenbergerAnthropologyTaphonic Analysis of mammal Bone from an Early rockshelter in Hell's Canyon, Idaho
Melissa PiddeDr. Dominic KlyveMathematicsThe Entropy of Number-Theoretic Functions
William RayDr. Gil BelofskyChemistry/BiologyComprehensive Analysis of Dalea ornata Secondary Metabolites for Anti-Parasitic and Other Potential Biological Activities


The Science Honors Program was initiated with a grant from M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust. It is currently supported by the College of the Sciences.