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MEMBERSHIP RATES 2013-2014 Academic Year

Membership TypeDailyAnnualAcademic YearFall, Winter,
Spring, Summer Qtr
Summer      6- Week SessionSummer 6-Week Session Extension
CWU Student$7$102$68$34
CWU Faculty/Staff/Retiree$7$428$321$117$78$39
CWU Alumni/Wildcat  Club Member$7$446$351$127

Guest Pass$7
Locker Rental$60$45$15
Towel Service—-$8$6$2

Student fees are automatically assessed when taking 6 or more credits on campus
All membership fees are listed as pre-tax. Tax will be added at time of purchase/sale
Memberships are pro-rated weekly after the 3rd week of class

Membership Eligibility

The following categories are those that are eligible for membership at the Recreation Center:

Current CWU Students Any current CWU students are eligible for membership. Students enrolled in six or more on-campus credits are automatically assessed the Recreation Center fee and are considered “automatic members”. Students enrolled in 1-5 on campus credits, or taking one or more online or off-campus credits, may purchase a membership at the student rate of $102 per quarter.

Current CWU Faculty and Staff Any current faculty and staff, including full time, part time and cyclic, are eligible for membership at the CWU Recreation Center. Individuals who work on campus at CWU but are paid by another entity are not eligible for membership at this time.

Emeritus Faculty and Retired Staff Faculty and Staff who have retired from CWU or are recognized as Emeritus are eligible for membership at the CWU Recreation Center.

Alumni/Wildcat Club Members CWU Alum or Wildcat Club Member can purchase a membership to use the Recreation Center as long as they are in good standing with their association and up to date on association costs.

Dependents Direct dependents of current CWU students, employees, and alumni - including spouses and children age 14 and older, are eligible for membership at the same rate as the person enabling the membership.

As a member of the CWU Recreation Center, you have access not only to all the Recreation Center has to offer (4 court gymnasium, indoor climbing wall, weight room, indoor track, saunas and full locker rooms, athletic training services, personal training, group fitness classes and many special events) but also to other Recreation facilities in the Ellensburg Community:

CWU Aquatic Center During the academic year and a portion of the summer, Recreation Center members have access to use the CWU Aquatic Center during Open Recreation and Lap Swim sessions. These sessions are established quarterly but typically occur in the early mornings (lap swims) and evenings. As a member of the Recreation Center, you may participate in these sessions for free (you may also bring your children age 13 and under for $3 per visit), while non-members will pay a daily use fee.

Recreation Center Payment
University Recreation offers a variety of payment methods for membership:

Payroll Deduction The CWU Recreation Center offers payroll deduction for Faculty/Staff and Faculty/Staff Dependent memberships. Payroll deduction rates are as follows:

Individual Membership: $30 per paycheck
Two Memberships: $50 per paycheck

Only one payroll deduction form may be active at one time. And a membership must be purchased to utilize payroll deduction for Recreation Center purposes (we cannot complete a payroll deduction for amounts less than $100).

Credit or Debit: We accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards.
Personal Check or Cash: We accept personal checks and cash.


As a Recreation Center member, you may also utilize the following services:

Locker Rental: Half-lockers are available for rent on a quarterly and academic year basis in the men’s, women’s and accessible/family locker rooms.
Towel Service: Large shower towels are provided for your use.
Equipment Check-Out: We offer a variety of equipment for checkout and use in the facility such as basketballs (men’s and women’s), volleyballs, jump ropes, badminton racquets and birdies, soccer balls and more.
We also have items for sale at the Front Desk such as athletic tape, padlocks, yoga/fitness mats and other miscellaneous items you may need for your workout.