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College of the Sciences

Tibetan macaque photographThe Primate Behavior and Ecology program provides students with interdisciplinary perspectives on the relationships between non-human primates and the environment in both captive and free-range settings.

Specific course requirements in anthropology, psychology, biology, philosophy, and primate studies give students a solid academic background, which is enriched by opportunities for field work, research, and husbandry training.

The Primate Behavior and Ecology program is unique in the state of Washington (and the United States more broadly) and prepares students for graduate programs in primate behavior, behavioral ecology, animal behavior and related fields; for conservation careers in governmental and nongovernmental organizations; or for careers in primate laboratories, zoos, and other captive facilities.

The integrative nature of the program provides an effective framework for fulfilling the University's mission of preparing students for responsible citizenship and environmental stewardship.


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