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Sport and Movement Studies

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Sport and Movement Studies
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Physical Education Activity Program

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The Mission of the Physical Education Activity Program is to provide students an instructional program. The primary educational medium is physical movement where students are learning a new or improving an existing physical skill.

Our mission is to offer quality instruction in a safe, assured and encouraging environment. Students campus wide are encouraged to participate in a program which offers a variety of courses that make an effort to address skills of recreation, individual sport and team sport. The Physical Education Activity program seeks to develop personal skills promoting personal fitness, maintaining health, building morale and establishing an interest in future recreational activities. There are five types of classes offered including:

Physical Activity 4 year Schedule Offerings (2015-2019)

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Undergraduate students receive one academic credit for each Activity course successfully completed. Each activity course meets a total of two hours per week. Courses may be repeatable.


Students take the class for a grade. Active participation is the major objective of the activity classes. Students should demonstrate regular attendance to meet the participation criteria. It may also be possible to audit a class and not receive a grade or a credit. The instructor will need to give permission to audit the class.


Some activity classes, such as bowling, yoga, bicycling and skiing will have an additional fee. Although equipment is often provided without additional costs, there are some classes where the student must provide equipment. Examples of such classes are: bicycling, triathlon and tennis.


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