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CWU Disabled Parking Update 2019. Click for more information.


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Parking Permit Pick Up Location Change

Staff Members can pick up their parking permit at the Parking Office in the O-5 parking lot starting September 9-10th .


Parking Services is a division of Central Washington University Police & Public Safety. If you have any questions or concerns about parking on campus, please call (509) 963-2667.

Parking Office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, MONDAY - FRIDAY

Payments are not accepted after 4:30 pm so that the daily receipts can be balanced.

The Parking Office is located in the O-5 parking lot at 1211 N Wildcat Way. Please refer to our campus map for more information. For further directions to CWU, please click HERE.


For PERMIT information click here!





There has been a recent increase in stolen and lost CWU Parking Permits. Permits are NON-TRANSFERABLE, that is, they cannot be sold or purchased by another individual. Permits may only be purchased from the CWU Parking Office .

IT IS ILLEGAL TO PURCHASE A CWU PARKING PERMIT FROM SOMEONE ELSE, as it may be stolen or reported lost. Use of a permit that is reported lost or stolen will result in a $250 fine, confiscation of the parking permit, and possible criminal charges/arrest - even if you are unaware of it being stolen or lost.

If you know someone who is trying to sell a permit or see a permit listed for sale on the Internet, please report this to our office immediately.

Winter 2019 Parking Notice:

If you are leaving your car on campus during break, please move it to the N-20 parking lot by the Music Building.  If it snows heavily the lots will need to be plowed.  Your car may be towed or your car can become plowed in with snow if it is not in this lot.  Parking permit requirements will not be enforced for the N-20 lot only during the following dates and times:


  • Winter Break

-You can begin parking in N-20 LOT ONLY without a permit starting on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. – No permit needed

-Your vehicle must be moved by Sunday, January 5, 2020 at 6:00 a.m. –C.W.U. permit will be required

Take anything of value out of your car that might attract attention.  Vehicle theft is often a crime of opportunity.  There are steps you can take to help prevent vehicle theft and prowls.

  • Never leave your keys in the vehicle
  • Do not leave items or valuables in view
  • Completely close all your windows and lock all your doors

The University Police will be doing extra checks of the N-20 lot to reduce the likelihood of break-ins.

In partnership with the City of Ellensburg we would like to pass on some useful information from the City of Ellensburg for our students and staff.

Help the City of Ellensburg out by moving your car from the street to off-street parking during school breaks. Especially in the winter. The crews with their road graders find snow removal is limited and challenging when they come upon cars parked on the street. And it's in city code that cars that do remain parked on the street when snow removal efforts are underway are to be towed, and get a $250 fine to boot.

Crews start to remove snow from streets when there is about 3 inches of accumulation, and it continues to snow. So when it’s snowy out or you plan to be away for more than a day, help us out and move your street parked car to a lot.


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