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Creating a Puzzle Room at the Museum

Puzzle Room Video

The Museum of Culture and Environment is closed for the summer. We will reopen on September 21. 

We can accommodate school groups and private viewings over the summer, depending on staff availability.

Please email, call 509-963-2313, or reach out on Facebook to inquire.

Currently on Display

Tooth + Tusk: Evolutionary Storytellers

This exhibit is a celebration of teeth in all of their glorious diversity, small and large, sharp and dull, smooth and bumpy—from the incisors to the molars. Why celebrate teeth? Because teeth sit at the intersection between animals and their environments: They help us capture and chew food—but they also can be used as a tool or for making friends (or enemies!) Visitors will be able to compare the teeth of mammals, fish, and reptiles through displays as well as hands-on activities.

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Three Museum Studies Students consider exhibit case arrangement

Students from the CWU Museum Club install their 2019 exhibit Thanks for the Memories.


The CWU Museum of Culture & Environment resides on land ceded by the Yakama people in 1855. We must respect and take care of this land and all that comes from it. The Yakama people continue their relationship with the land to this day, offering gratitude and stewardship. We acknowledge that the Museum and the collections we steward came to be at CWU because of the many complex legacies of colonialism. And we acknowledge Indigenous CWU students, past, present, and future.


Take the Next Step to Becoming a Wildcat.