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Information Technology and Administrative Management

Ready to start a career? Find out how ITAM's blend of applied skills and soft skills can help you:


Information Technology ITAM

Advance your career with ITAM

The Department of Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM) offers exciting major and minor programs blending high-demand technical skills with soft skills such as leadership and supervision. A cutting-edge, relevant curriculum prepares students to act as leaders in their chosen fields.


Powerful knowledge and skill setsInformation Technology ITAM

  • Lead and supervise teams
  • Build web pages and mobile apps
  • Manage retail organizations
  • Protect information assets (Cybersecurity)
  • Oversee and manage large projects
  • Maintain networks
  • Facilitate change management

Administrative Management ITAM

Online or on-campus

Everyone's experience and situation are different, that is why ITAM offers fully online programs as well as the traditional, on-campus experience. Many of our students earn their Bachelor degree while remaining in the work force. For some students, their two-year “non-transferable” associate degree becomes transferable with the BAS-ITAM Online major.


Our students are CentralAdministrative Management ITAM

We invest in the success of our students, offering:

  • Knowledgeable faculty
  • Continuously developing curriculum designed to meet industry needs
  • Personal advising throughout your program
  • Internships (for majors) to gain real-world experience


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    ITAM is proud to be a department in the College of Education and Professional Studies.