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The Geography Department is devoted to helping students understand and shape the world around them. Geography, with its unique ability to integrate the physical, environmental, cultural, economic, and political dimensions of places and regions, offers a rich perspective for comprehending and working in a fast-changing and interconnected world.

We are committed to making each student's years at Central the launching pad for a rewarding career. Our students have gone on to work in geographic information systems (GIS), urban planning, natural resource management, and many other fields.

Our fourteen faculty and several support staff do research on the frontiers of knowledge in the geographical sciences on topics as diverse as human-environment interaction in Latin America, long-term climate change as reflected in ancient pollen deposits, the history of snowshoe development, the geography of fishing, and the ecological impacts of shoreline protection. There are ample opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate on research in these and other areas.

Department of Geography

400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926