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Environmental Studies Program

Transfer Student Information


Recommended Courses to Take Before Transferring to CWU:

For all Specializations:

Introductory Biology, Introductory Chemistry, Introductory Physical Geography or Physical Geology, Introductory Cultural Anthropology or Human Geography, Introductory General or Micro Economics, Introductory Environmental Science/Studies.
Environmental Biology Specialization:
One year General Chemistry with labs, one year General Biology with labs
Environmental Chemistry Specialization:
One year General Chemistry with labs, Pre-Calculus II
Environmental Geology Specialization:
Introductory Physical Geology with lab, Pre-Calculus II
Environmental Geography Specialization:
Introductory Physical Geography
Environmental Policy Specialization:

Recommended courses to take during your first term at CWU*

For All Specializations:
If not already taken before transfer, ENST 201 (Introductory Environmental Science/Studies)
Environmental Biology Specialization:
BIOL 213, BIOL 360, and appropriate electives
Environmental Chemistry Specialization:
CHEM 332, and appropriate electives
Environmental Geology Specialization:
GEOL 386, GEOL 380, and appropriate electives
Environmental Geography Specialization:
GEOG 203, and appropriate electives
Environmental Policy Specialization:
BUS 221 or MATH 311 or PSY 362 or SOC 364, POSC 325, and appropriate electives
*assuming you took the courses in the Pre-CWU list above
SEE CWU UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG for pre-requisites to these courses

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