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Center for Diversity & Social Justice

Diversity and Social Justice are the key component to CWU's core values and mission, as identified in the University Strategic Plan.  Several  elements are necessary to establish priorities, goals, policies, and objectives that build on social justice, diversity and inclusion.  The CDSJ is committed to academic excellence, inclusivity, diversity and social justice, which serves to create and sustain an exemplary climate. 

The center recognizes that individual identities, including but not limited to race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, ability, class and ideology are necessary features of academic excellence and quality of life.  

It is the goal of the Center to promote equity, respect and social justice through our programs, structures, outreach and participation in the curricular, co-curricular lives of students, faculty and staff. Through programming an advocacy the center will work to build and nurture a campus community that understands an celebrates diversity, while facilitating inclusion at all levels of the university and supporting academic and creative expression. 

CDSJ works to transform the university community into one that represents individuals from a variety of backgrounds, encourages diverse ideas, and creates an environment in which all the university community are accepted and valued, while promoting social justice and the recognition of traditional underserved groups.

Diversify Your Heroes...

Ever wondered what the future would look like if we diversified our heroes? Take a look and learn the names of people who came before you in the fight for social justice and global equity. Diversifying our heroes and excavating their struggles from the margins of history may just be the first step toward imagining a different world.