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Diversity & Inclusivity

How to Help a Friend

Individuals who are contacted by a person affected by a bias motivated incident should encourage that person to:

  • Contact Public Safety
  • Talk with the university's Incident Response Coordinator
  • If the victim wishes to speak only to you:
  • Ascertain whether the victim needs immediate medical assistance. Ask the victim directly if he/she is all right physically. If the victim needs medical attention, refer him/her to the Emergency Room, Kittitas Valley Community Hospital or the University's Health and Counseling Center.
  • Find out the victim's most critical concerns and respond in a non-judgmental way. Recommend appropriate resources for the victim and feel free to consult with the Incident Response Coordinator for additional guidance.
  • Remember, the person affected may wish to do nothing further, other than have this conversation.
  • Report the incident to Public Safety (names of victims are not required) so the university can comply with legal reporting requirements.

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