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Central Slutwalk ~ Call for Volunteers

The Slutwalk is a grassroots movement challenging a culture of rape, victim-blaming and name-calling, and working to end sexual and domestic violence. Its mission is powerful, shedding stereotypes and myths of sexual assault by providing an understanding of why sexual assaults happen. Doing so removes the blame from the victim and places it where it belongs, on the perpetrator. Many universities and cities have each had their individual take on the Slutwalk, but all with the same message: My clothes are not my consent.

On the day of the Slutwalk, volunteers will be wearing matching t-shirts all day. These t-shirts would be white and, in scarlet lettering, the word “slut” would be printed on the front. On the reverse side, the slogan “My clothes are not my consent” would be printed. This will raise awareness to the fact that no matter what a woman’s clothing might say – in this case “slut” – clothing should never be an excuse to harass or assault a woman – or man for that matter.

The Feminist Majority and The Center for Student Empowerment are looking for volunteers to take part in this important first stage of the Slutwalk. Both women and men are welcome – and encouraged – to participate. The Slutwalk is open to students, staff and faculty. The Slutwalk will be taking place February 21, 2012.

For more information, please call Jennifer Arledge at the Center for Student Empowerment at 509-963-2127 or email us at