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Conference Program

Registration Forms

The Conference Program provides lodging, meeting, and dining services to hundreds of groups throughout the year.  We also provide registration service as an additional option to our groups.  If you are planning to attend an event that we provide registration service to, please fill out the registration form designed especially for your group below.  If you do not see your group's name below please contact your Program Coordinator or our office for additional information at (509) 963-1141.

Summer Short Term Lodging, June 19-August 19 2016
***July dates are currently full. If you would like to see if we had any availability open up, please give us a call at (509) 963-1141.***
CWU Theater Arts Summer Institute Lodging, June 30-July 29 2016
2016 Ellensburg Rodeo & Fair Lodging, August 31-Sept 5 2016