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College Art Day

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This event is for Junior and Senior high school students who are interested in pursuing Art as a career to participate in hands-on university art studio classes. There will be two art studio sessions. The students will have the opportunity to select from the eight different studio areas offered at Central Washington University.


You can find more out about College Art Day by following this link.



Look at Me: High School Student Exhibition

Look at Me: Any self-portrait, image, or representation of oneself.

We are encouraging Juniors and Seniors from all Northwest Regional high schools to submit 2-dimensional works about how we represent our identity. For example, some students may want to discuss identity through social, cultural, economic, and gendered perspectives; as each of these elements plays a part in how we identify within constructs of family, community, and greater society.

All entries must be received by October 9, 2014.

Follow this link to find out more information.



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