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College of Arts and Humanities
Brock Owen and Ben Moser present their senior exhibition in Gallery 231 with an opening reception on Tuesday. Residency Reflections , a ceramics invitational exhibition, continues in the Sarah Spurgeon Gallery. The Student Art Club is meeting on Thursday. Check out the exhibition by Cameron Wilson & Max Volkman in the Provost Gallery. Department scholarship applications are due this Friday!
Brock Owen & Ben Moser
Senior Exhibition
Rigid Noodles – an exhibition by two graduating CWU art students
February 19 - 22
opening reception Tuesday, February 19 at 5PM
Gallery 231, Randall Hall
Rigid Noodles is a senior exhibition by Ben Moser and Brock Owen. The exhibit begins with an opening reception on Tuesday, February 19 th at 5PM in Gallery 231 on the second floor of Randall Hall. Ben’s two-dimensional work will occupy the walls while Brock’s three-dimensional works will reside on pedestals.
Gallery hours are 9am – 5pm.
Inspired by the cartoon designs often found in movies and on TV, Ben Moser seeks to dazzle and amaze with his abstract paintings of wonder. These oil on canvas works of art demonstrate pallets of saturated colors that are contrasted by heavy black outlines. These black outlines are meant to mimic the style of illustrations that one finds in comic books and cartoons. Ben says, “The reason I make art is pretty simple. I love to draw, and I’m a huge nerd… When I feel sad or depressed, I usually turn to my own imagination to escape, and one of the ways that I make that imagination physical is by drawing. I hope that through my paintings people can become absorbed in that imagination and it would inspire them to tell their own stories through their art.”
Brock Owen works in small metals/jewelry, sculpture and installation. His artwork focuses on the materials used, metal and stone, and the forming of those materials by his hand. Brock states, “My work aims to capture the allure of these materials by manipulating them into works of both beauty and strength. In making jewelry, my goal is to emphasize both the aesthetic qualities of the metal form and the radiance of precious stones in a variety of different ways. In creating steel sculpture and weaponry I aim to present the power, strength, and lethality of steel. My non-precious stone carvings are meant to challenge the way stone is perceived instead of highlighting the known characteristics of the material. By sculpting highly polished dripping forms. the stone changes from a solid, stable object into something more fluid and malleable.”
in the Sarah Spurgeon Gallery
Continuing in the Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, Residency Reflections is a ceramics invitational exhibition curated by Stephen Robison, Associate Professor of Ceramics.
The exhibit features work by an international group of twelve ceramic artists: Amanda Barr, Amanda Bury, Ben Carter, Seth Charles, Iva Haas, Rain Harris, Yoonjee Kwak, Stephanie Lanter, Soe Yu Nwe, Amanda Salov, Jamie Bates Slone, and Tzyy Yi Young.
Opportunities for Students
Submissions open today for the 2019  AXA Art Prize . With exhibitions in San Francisco, Chicago and New York, and a jury including major artists and curators, the  AXA Art Prize  is one of the premier student art competitions in the nation. 
The AXA Art Prize has a  First Prize of $10,000 , and is open to figurative paintings, drawings and prints created by undergraduate and graduate art students.
The submission deadline is March 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST. For more information on eligibility, award notification and submission process, go to

The Student Art Club (SAC)
The Student Art Club
The regular meeting is back on this week with Professor Bieloh leading critiques (really). Have you had a delicious waffle on Wednesday? You certainly must try one this week. Help send a SAC member to San Francisco for a spring break art trip. As always, open figure drawing on Friday.
Waffle Wednesdays
10AM - 1PM (breakfast or lunch!)
Randall Hall 
first floor
Open Figure Drawing Fridays
3:00 - 5:00 PM
Randall Hall
Room 219
In partial fulfillment of their Senior Capstone course requirements, BFA Studio Art majors are required to publicize, prepare and mount a Senior Exhibition of their work. The following exhibitions will be in Gallery 231 this quarter.
February 19 – 22 – Brock Owen & Ben Moser
February 25 – March 1 – Trinidad Oribio
March 4 – 8 – Amanda Ontiveros
continuing in the Provost Gallery
Cameron Wilson & Max Volkman
artist reception - 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, January 29
Provost Gallery - 302 Barge Hall
Art + Design Scholarship
Applications Due Feb. 22
The Department of Art + Design is pleased to offer a wide variety of scholarship opportunities to our current students who are majoring in Art + Design. This includes scholarships designed specifically for Art + Design students. These scholarships range in amounts from $500 to $6,047 (full tuition) and their individual requirements can be viewed  here . You must apply through  Scholarship Central  and you must up fill out the form and upload your digital portfolio here .
Department of Art + Design
Central Washington University
Randall Hall on Dean Nicholson Blvd.
I hope to see you around the department!
Gregg Schlanger, Chair
Department of Art + Design
Central Washington University


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